Asian Street Kitchen, Mumbai – Rs. 1000 per person


SDG_4746A first of its kind, Asian Street Kitchen is a vegan restaurant of Southeast Asian cuisine that demonstrates how enjoyable food can be without meat, seafood and dairy.
CUISINE: Southeast Asian
FOOD AND DRINK: The menu is extensive, so making up your mind will be tough. If you begin your meals with a drink, we recommend the spiced Thai cold coffee. The peach ice tea is too syrupy while the green tea sparkler is just fizzy ginger ale. If you begin with starters, go for the Tom Kha soup or spinach, garlic and corn dumplings. The dumplings especially are soft and tender with a kick of garlic. The cottage cheese and broccoli Satay is worth a try too merely for the extra crumbly cottage cheese and a hint of coconut and peanut flavours. The vegetarian Tempura with Wasabi mayonnaise is recommended for those who enjoy deep-fried delights. In the main course, we tried the mild and light Beijing sizzling plate – wok tossed rice and noodles with tofu and garlic butter sauce served with crunchy potatoes. For dessert, the chocolatelava cake should be your obvious choice.
OVERALL: Asian Street Kitchen might put you off with its cramped dining space and strange ambient music, but it has some gems in its menu. For non-vegetarians, however, this place is a onetime stop.
Dev Prakash Building, Chowpatty, Mumbai – Aparna Sundaresan


Volume 3 Issue 11


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