Apps Every Student Should Have In Their Phone


In days like these, when even students seem to have choc-a-bloc schedules, they still manage to make time for their favourite social media apps. Adults too, seem to have fallen prey to the social media fad, but hey, when we’re living in an era of groundbreaking technology, who can blame them? But besides all the instant messaging, and apps that let you take photos and videos with the funkiest of filters, there’s a number of apps that you would probably need, and the best part is that they don’t cost a dime –


This is a great app that helps students get organized. If you’re like the average student who has daily homework, needs to make notes, and has duties and chores to do, then this app is your lifesaver! Any.Do has a great user interface that helps you organize your mental notes and even plan out your days.


With free 2GB storage, and unlimited downloads and uplaods, you can’t not have dropbox in your phone. You can safely and securely transfer large data files on the cloud, and simply pass on the link to your friends who can access the files from anywherein the world


With the stitcher app you can be updated with podcasts from around the globe, and maintain top knowledge in business, science, student life and psychoholgy. You can create an accont through email, and download for offline listening. Since you can’t really watch videos or play games while commuting, you can listen to some influential leaders talk about their lives and business.


Sometimes you can’t really find that specific TED video on Youtube, depite your full-throttle searching. The TED app is the perfect place for that and you can find, watch and share any video you see on TED, instantly.

Adobe Premier Clip

If you love video editing but can’t afford expensive software, this one’s definitely for you, and it’s absolutly free. You can edit, colour correct and add filters via this app that’s easy to use and will make your videos appear professional.


This is a brilliant app that’s designed to make you a better all-rounder. You can be an ace in different subjects quickly and master skills that aren’t taught in your classroom or on YouTube.

Toshl App

It’s a finance management app, as quite often we lose a track of all our finances and spend it all on pointless sandwhiches and endless coffee fixes that we don’t need. And having to track our finances manually is a mamoth of a task! But with this app, you can do that without all the extra work.


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