An Ode To Buoyant Artists In India

Artists in India
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The art life in India has an intriguing ode for all of us. The strokes and paints have not merely pepped up the charisma of empty figures but have also set up a whole new niche for the audience to get awestruck. Artists in India brought the splendour of art that has summoned the bright vision to stay in the eyes and soul of a person. With the splash of vividity and vibrancy, Indians have embraced the principle of painting their lives with each nook of colours of life.

The Art culture in India is traced back to the advent of the Indus Valley civilisation, the civilisation unfurled many types of arts that were also useful in discovering facts about the cultures of that civilisation. The second phase of Art life in India got a push during the reign of Buddhism and Hinduism, the religious scriptures and mammoth buildings shadow art in India. The other phase of Art in India got beefed up with the reign of Islamic culture in India, its influence gushed on the Indian culture and got etched by the magnificence of carvings, paintings, etc. The next phase was the colonial reign which gemmed Indian art with European and Western culture. The Indian classical arts got amalgamated with those forms of arts. The capacious room of art in India kept on expanding with the arrival of distinct styles such as Madhubani Painting, Warli painting, Miniature painting, Kalamkari, etc.

This ode of art in India echoed louder when the upbeats of famous Indian artists brimmed in the air. This array of artists in India went this way:

Raja Ravi Varma

Varma hailed from the royal family of Travancore, present-day Kerala. He was one among many radiant artists in India. His yields were the epitome of a fusion of European and Indian art. He holds a tenacious grip on Art in India because of his fascinating lithographs that were immensely liked by the common people. The other sphere of his expertise was the depiction of Hindu deities and works from various Indian epics. His portrayal of South Indian women defined the new rays of beauty. The simplicity of his work made the masses covet his work.

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S.H Raza

Among the artists in India, he is a buoyant painter of the 20th century. Born in the state of Madhya Pradesh, he lived in the vicinity of the Narmada River, and the swaying scenic gestures of nature made him upbeat. He caught the hushed silence of night in the forest and the gleeful daybreak that made him vibrant. His paintings mirror these observations. Raza founded the Progress Artists group in Mumbai in the year 1947. Nature was an integral part of his paintings. He received scholarships from France, so his work dominated the French landscapes.

Ram Kumar

Among the artists in India, Ram was one the prominent artist of the 20th Century who studied at St. Stephens College, Delhi University. Then he went to Paris to study painting. He was coveted towards the Indian art and style; his work was infused with the European hue but dominantly his work remained gleaming with Indian style. His figures outflow the muted earth tone- colour palettes, and his work was devoid of vivid characters. He depicted urban dwellers constrained by city life. His visit to Varanasi impacted his paintings and it was enchanting to experience those paintings. Further, he rode back the audience to his childhood days through his dynamic work.

M.F Husain

Indian art rekindled its spirit from the work of M.F Husain. He attended Art school in Mumbai and he embarked upon his career in the paintings of cinema hoardings. He has yielded most of his drawings from free-hand. Husain left a radiant spark in the Indian civilization by making an astonishing deity Ganesha. Three dynasties were among his captivating paintings, which showcased the Mauryan dynasty in the middle of the Mughal dynasty and the British Empire. Indian households are another testament to his work where he expressed the spectacular warmth of the Indian lifestyle.

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Jamini Roy

Jamini Babu became a household name among the artists in India. He garnered the art in Calcutta. M.F Hussain has claimed him to be the true father of Indian Modernism. He has intermingled Western art with Indian art, which has offshoot diversity in the art culture of India. His shambolic work is displayed in the museums of London, Florida, and New Delhi.

Amrita Sher Gil

This revolutionary modern artist has been widely acknowledged by artists in India. She is known as India’s Frida Kahlo. She has made her work replete as she travelled from region to region to discern the new methods. This has made her paintings agglomerative. She was heavily influenced by the realism. Her work unspools the life of a local community. She is known as the pioneer in the Indian art.

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