Amethyst 2k23


AMETHYST, the Army Institute of Technology (AIT), Pune’s much anticipated annual cultural festival, will take place from 21st April to 23rd April 2023, after a long hiatus of two years due to covid restrictions. The festival, which is organised by the college’s Cultural and Music Club, is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere and draws visitors from all over the country. 

Hanami, a traditional Japanese practice of appreciating the transitory beauty of cherry blossoms during spring, will be the focus of this year’s AMETHYST. The appreciation of life’s fleeting and transitory moments as well as the beauty of nature is symbolised by the topic “Hanami.”. The theme is anticipated to provide the festival with a special and significant touch while fostering a tranquil and lovely atmosphere.

The festival has 15 activities with rewards totalling 2 lac INR, including Esmeralda – a dancing competition, Alankar – a music competition, Apocrypha –  Battle of the Bands, Jam, Debate, Dramatics, and Quiz competitions. The festival also has artistic activities like – Greyscale, tulika, and art attack, giving participants various chances to showcase their talents.

In addition to the competitions, AMETHYST also promises a vibrant and energetic atmosphere with special attractions such as Live Concert by Apricot (A Bhopal-based band) and a DJ night. 

AMETHYST has experienced strong foot traffic in past years, with a minimum guaranteed footfall of 10,000+ for the events. Footfall on Day 3 has ranged from 3000 to 4000, demonstrating the fest’s appeal and scope. The festival draws competitors from numerous schools and universities nationwide thanks to its high-calibre competitions, since students and participants alike look forward to the festival because it gives them a chance to share their abilities, compete in good fun, and make lifelong memories.

 So, get ready to be a part of AMETHYST and make your mark in this highly anticipated annual cultural fest. Join the festivities, participate in the events, and create unforgettable memories at AMETHYST, the cultural extravaganza of the Army Institute of Technology, Pune!


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