At Its Amazon Event, Amazon Announces The Launch Of Alexa’s Coolest Gadgets

Amazon Event
Image Credits: Laredo Morning Times

Amazon recently conducted an event on 25th September in which it launched a line of hardware devices which has left all Alexa lovers gawking. The event took place at its headquarters located in Seattle where it launched 15 hardware devices that include the brand new Echo Dot, Echo Ring, Echo Earbuds, Echo Frames, Echo Studio, Echo Loops and new Echo smart speakers. It also launched a  new Alexa-powered oven, too.

Let’s look a look at some of the most attractive devices launched at the Amazon event so that you can get ready to swipe your cards!

Echo Loop 

Echo Loop Amazon Event
Image Credits: Slash Gear

This device has been the highlight of the Amazon event and is the most talked about among the techno geeks and freaks. Echo Loop is a smart ring made from titanium that nudges you with vibration. It is a smart jewellery that comes with a discreet button. All you have to do is press the button to wake it up after which you can give the usual Alexa commands. It comes with its individual microphone and speakers. The ring pairs with your phone through the Alexa app.

Echo Dot with Clock 

Echo Dot with Clock
Image Credits: Business Insider

Though not completely new, the Echo Dot now comes all upgraded with an LED display that shows the clock, alarm and weather forecast. Since the gadget is new, it is as of now offering just one colour, white, unlike its other predecessors. The other feature of Alexa commands are retained. So now this gadget becomes even more relevant and beneficial to use especially when cooking or painting. 

Echo Buds 

Echo Buds - Amazon Event
Image Credits: Pocket Lint

At the Amazon event, it seemed as if  Amazon wanted to give a tough competition to Apple’s Airpods. With the launch of this device, Amazon has entered into a new field bring the voice assistant directly to your ears and that too outside the house. These Echo Buds offer 5 hours of non-stop music and 4 hours of call time.

Echo Frames 

Echo Frames - Amazon Event
Image Credits: Wired Focus

A hands-free Alexa, the Echo Frame comes with 4 micro speakers and a microphone in the frame itself. They look like any other normal eyeglasses and do not have any display or camera on them. They just give you Alexa access on the go. The Echo Frame enables the users to swipe the side of the glass to receive more information, set reminders and also use the smart home gear.

Smart Oven 

Smart Oven
Image Credits: Tech Advisor

A smart oven? What were your first thoughts when you discovered that the Amazon event also announced the launch of a smart oven? 

Amazon’s smart oven will enable its owner to give commands like “preheat oven”, “start cooking”, “stop cooking”, etc. The oven is a combination of a convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer. All you need to do is pair the oven with Echo and give commands to Alexa.

Who knows what is in the platter for us Amazon in the coming feature. For now, we are stunned and equally excited to welcome these new gadgets in our lives. Can’t wait. 


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