Author: Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho is back with a new novel that can perhaps be described as his most personal to date. The story sees Paulo travelling to different continents like Europe, Africa and Asia in an eff ort to revive his energy and passion for life and to embark on a spiritual journey after he faces a very grave crisis. He decides to start from scratch and along the way meets people and is faced with new experiences. On his journey, he meets a young Turkish woman named Hilal, who happens to be a gifted violinist. He finds out a lot about himself and his soul by travelling into the future and back to the past, and is able to find a connection with the woman through a past-life experience. Together, they embark on a voyage that transcends space and time. It’s yet another one of his books that has the ability to lend meaning to the reader. It has the ability to confront the reader with hard-hitting questions about one’s life. Meaningful qualities of life like love, courage and forgiveness, as well as magic and mysticism form the central theme of this book, much like Coelho’s previous books. Readers can expect yet another gem of a story in Aleph.

Volume 1 Issue 4


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