A new N250 and the streets of Mumbai – what I’ve seen, I cannot unsee


If you are on the go and don’t wish to go slow, see the usual,
feel the ‘already-felt-before’ or traverse the road well trod…read on.

Off-beat places night and again,
while seeming to have lost their path,
but it’s the destination craved.

Check out these alleys uncovered,
Inhabited by these creatures of the night.
My ride takes me places I’ve desired
To see, to feel and to experience!

Time is not a barrier but an invite,
The streets are a new delight!
Crossing one path after another,
The trail is long, but the spirit is stronger! 

The night gets hazy at times,
But riding their Pulsar N250 ignites the power within.
At every crossing, a story of a rider is written,
This is my story – a new creature of the night! 


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