9 Top Jobs In IT That Are Currently Booming With Opportunities

IT sector jobs
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The time has never been better for someone with an IT professional background. According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (BLS), IT-related jobs are expected to rise by a 12% margin by 2028, with some fields in the industry recording up to a 32% increase. Would you like to join this industry? Here are the top jobs in the IT sector.

1. DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers are the midpoint between code developers and electrical engineers. They are multi-departmental, working with various stakeholders in the company to create and improve multiple IT systems.

A DevOps engineer’s midpoint salary is around $120,000 annually. You need vast experience in software engineering, coding languages, and computer security systems to be one. You should also have collaborative, problem-solving, and strong analytical skills.

2. Software engineers

According to aiu.edu.kw, software engineering may not be one of the easiest college majors, but it is one of the most lucrative courses of the modern era. Software engineers design and create engineering specs for both applications and software. Currently, there is a high market demand for software engineers and a degree in computer science or software engineering is worth the investment

3. Data engineer

Companies rely on prominent data engineers to break down complex data into interpretable and actionable information needed for strategic decision making. The engineers create software systems for data analysis and hardware programs that can store and churn raw data into useful information. For this reason, big data engineers command high pay of up to $160,000.

4. Information systems security manager

With the rise in cybercrimes, businesses need professional cybersecurity personnel more than ever. Ideal candidates in this field have tonnes of experience with network security and cyber systems.

Information systems security managers have a deep understanding of all coding languages and can create different security software. Employers always prefer candidates with good interpersonal skills and impressive leadership capabilities.

5. Mobile apps developer

If you check your mobile phone or tablet, you will notice that you have apps that have similar alternatives to one found on Google’s Playstore. Still, you opted for that specific application because it addresses your needs conveniently. Well, mobile app developers design parts of an application such as UI, middleware, and infrastructure.

The job requires excellent communication and planning skills on top of professional technical knowledge.

6. Database manager

They maintain a firm’s database environment, ensuring that necessary data is availed when needed. Large organizations with massive databases need managers to ensure that information is stored and retrieved strategically without infection.

7. Data architect

Data architects work hand in hand with database managers in helping companies use data strategically to meet their goals. The salary midpoint for data architects is $145,000.

8. Data security analyst

These experts have a professional understanding of data and security systems such as firewall administration, encryption technologies, and problem-solving skills. Firms might require data security analysts to have a professional certification like Certified Information Systems.

9. Senior web developer

Senior web developers gather essential business requirements for web-based applications. They make web-based properties look consistent and attractive by integrating back ends systems and provide web assistance admins.


With the growth in technological services, the IT job sector is a promising job field in the future. The industry commands a high salary due to the technical nature of the tasks involved.


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