8 Interesting Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother’s Day

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Someone has rightly said, “Life does not come with a Manual; it comes with a Mother.”

Mothers dedicate their whole lives to make a difference in your lives. Everything your mother has done for you is incomparable. Don’t you think she deserves to feel extraordinarily special on this Mother’s Day?

Here are 8 extraordinary things to do to make this 12th May memorable for your amazing mum!

Get Inked

You know it’s close to your heart when you decide to get it inked. This Mother’s Day, you can make this decision and flaunt your love for your mother to the world. You can go for a classic tattoo design like “Mom” written in a fancy font or have her name etched on your body. You can also show her respect by getting her favourite quote/line from cultural text or book inked on your skin or anything that reminds you of her in general. In case you go ahead with the idea, you can visit BodyCanvas Tattoos who has amazing ideas for you especially for Mother’s Day.

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Solve her problems

To be a Mom is to deal with universal problems like dealing with sleepy and lazy kids, regularly losing house keys, struggling with body pains, never-ending house cleaning, ice cream craving and boring vegetable cutting. This special day, be the saviour for your superwoman and gift her – a running alarm clock or a key finder or a body massager or a robot vacuum cleaner or an ice cream maker or maybe a knife sharpener.

Do charity or donation

If your mom is someone who hates to see you spending money on temporary and materialistic gifts, go the other way. Make a donation on your mom’s behalf to an organization that works for other moms or children in trouble. Organisations like pregnancy centres, battered women’s shelters and single moms on welfare can be easily found. Not only will you make this day special for your mother but also for other mothers in need. 

Impress with the food

Just how she keeps a record of your favourite food dishes and makes it for you when you feel low, it is time that you do it all for her. Find out what her favourite dish is, watch YouTube videos, practise it a couple of times, make it for her, set the table and surprise her! (but don’t forget to clean it all up later). If you aren’t confident in the kitchen, then take her out to her favourite restaurant or food corner and order what she loves the most! Do it because she is worth it.

Say Yes to house chores

You have spent your whole year cribbing about those house chores but 12th May is not the day for that. Be the son or daughter that your mom always wanted you to be. Keep all your other tasks away and do the laundry, yard work and dishes. Surprise her by taking the initiative to begin a project that she’s been planning. It could be anything from helping her install a new flowerbed to washing her old car.

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Plan a day out or a weekend gateway

This Mother’s Day, ditch your phone/other people and go out with her. Spend the day hanging out with her, take her out for shopping, to a movie or to her favourite place. She will love your gesture and appreciate your efforts. Another best thing you can do is plan a weekend gateway for her. Travelling is refreshing and your mother deserves a break from the monotonous life.

Go creative

Nothing is more adorable than making a slide show or video for your dearest mother. Get together with your siblings (if you have any) and search for old pictures of your family to create a small slideshow that will make her laugh, cry, and want to hug the whole bunch of you. You can get more creative by decorating the whole house with balloons, by expressing your love for her in a letter or by asking her to find the gifts with help of given clues.

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Pamper her

If you think your mom is not in a mood to celebrate and just wants to relax, go ahead and book a spa treatment for her. Make her feel like a queen by paying for a massage, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure, or all of the above. It is absolutely fine to take care of your mother wishes for a day considering she has been doing the same to you for your whole life.

Whatever you choose to do for your Mom, do it with love. She will love the fact that you thought about her and did something to make her day extra special. Not to forget, you don’t really need a day to celebrate her presence in your life. Be thankful to her anyway. 


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