7 Quirky Theme-Based Eateries In India


In the recent past, India’s food scene seems to be on an upward trajectory. Every other day we come across some new café or restaurant opening in some corner of the country. What’s interesting to see here is that most of the new eateries go beyond the purpose of serving food, and they take you places.

Here is a list of seven quirky, themed eating joints across the India that caught our attention.

  1. KunZum Travel Café, DelhiKumZum, Delhi

Located in the heart of the city, this café is an escape to all those who ‘wanderlust’. Based on a travel theme, the walls of the café adorned with pictures of different cities. This café is run by a team of travellers, writers and photographers and owned by Ajay Jain. What makes this café stand out is that you don’t get a bill at the end of your meal, you can pay as per your wish.

  1. 70 mm Café, Hyderabad70mm

This café is Bollywood themed has an inviting retro vibe to it, and film posters splashed across the wall.  This café also projects films on a big screen, making it a perfect hangout place for movie buffs.

  1. Black Perl, Bangaloreblack perl

A quaint café located in Bangalore, Black Perl radiates the lifestyle ambiance of Pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow, and is decorated with wooden flooring, ship decks, decorative skulls and eye patches – a must visit if you are in Bangalore.

  1. UFO Revolving, MumbaiUFO

Ever thought of what it is like to be in outer space with aliens for company, well this revolving cafe based on UFO theme will give you a perfect spaceship experience.

  1. Kaidi Kitchen, KolkataKaidi

As the name suggests, this restaurant is built exactly like a prison, with each cell having a dining table to accommodate guests. The waiters are dressed in the policemen uniform. Don’t even think about not paying your bill, the authorities might just lock you in the cell!

  1. Steam, JaipurSteam, Jaipur

Built inside one of the oldest hotels in Jaipur, this cafe is made in the shape of steam engine train that takes you back to 19th century India. The entire train is divided into ten compartments, with each compartment having not more than two tables; giving you full privacy and making it perfect for date nights.

  1. Poush, Mumbaipoush

Poush takes you from Mumbai to the northernmost part of the country, especially with their Kashmiri interiors with its baithak seating and shikara tables, and serves up some lip-smacking North Indian and Kashmiri food.


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