5 Upcoming Study Abroad Destinations Popular Among Indian Students

Study Abroad Destinations
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The youth today has become career-minded and believe that pursuing a proper educational qualification is a must to create a professional space for your own in this ever-competitive world. As a result of this, a majority of Indian students are opting to fly to various study abroad destinations to pursue higher education.

While USA, UK, Canada and Australia are the most popular study abroad destinations, there are other countries that are also becoming popular among the Indian students due to the varied courses and quality education they offer. However, there are many parents who still are unwilling to send their kids to other countries other than US, UK, and Canada. It is important to note that other countries though not popular among students are offering varied and specialised degree courses that will equally help in carving a bright future. 

There are few study abroad destinations that are gradually becoming popular among Indian students. 


Study Abroad Destinations
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Germany is one of the upcoming study abroad destinations that is becoming a common choice for many. One of the main reasons for this it’s low or no tuition fees. Moreover, the degree courses offered in the German universities are globally recognized. Those international students who graduate from Germany enjoy a reputation in the global market and stand a high chance of gaining employment. Those wanting to pursue a career in Engineering and Automobile industry must specifically opt to study in Germany. The total cost of education in Germany goes up to rupees 7-8 lakh for an MBA.

Some of the topmost universities in Germany are:

  • CBS Cologne Business School
  • Ilmenau University of Technology
  • University of Freiburg
  • Heidelberg University


Study Abroad Destinations
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A beautiful country rich with culture, Spain is a country that offers a lower cost of living when compared to any other European country. Studying a bachelor’s course in Spain can cost you between 680 and 1,280 Euros per year, and a master’s degree will cost you around 22 and 36 Euros. Spain offers a variety of diverse courses and is especially for courses in Architecture, Law, Arts and Humanities, Business Studies and Hospitality Management. The one thing that might be difficult is to look for employment. Non-European students find difficulty in looking for jobs, so you must be very sure of the course you want to study and also the choice of university.

Moreover, studying in Spain will allow you to learn Spanish which is one of the most used languages in the field of business on a global level.

Some of the topmost universities in Spain are:

  • IE Business School 
  • Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
  • ESIC Business and Marketing School
  • University of Barcelona 


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Home to the fashion capital of the world, Italy without any doubt is the best country to learn fashion from. Apart from fashion, students interested in the field of architecture, arts, medicine, humanities, information technology, global communications, sociology, film studies, etc can apply to the universities in France. The average fee for studying at a private university in France is approximately €30,000 per year. What is unique about higher education in France is that it has what is popularly known as Grande Ecole, french institutions that were formed years back. They offer a very high standard of education and are slightly higher in cost than the usual universities.

Some of the topmost universities in France are:

  • College De Paris 
  • Sorbonne University.
  • Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL)
  • École Polytechnique


Study Abroad Destinations
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A classic tourist destination, Italy is gradually becoming one of the most popular study abroad destinations. Italy is home to around 90 universities a majority of which are public-funded. International students who choose to opt for studying in Italy usually choose to apply for universities in Rome, Pisa, Milan and Bologna as they are student-friendly. The average fees of studying in a public university in Italy is around €900 and €4,000. However, the fees of specialised courses might be slightly high. Italy offers courses like Engineering, Business, Marketing, Fashion, Arts and Architecture.

Some of the topmost universities in Italy are:

  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 
  • Università di Bologna 
  • Sapienza – Università di Roma 


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Singapore is becoming the topmost choice for many Indian students who wish to study abroad. There are multiple reasons behind it which include proximity to the home country, lower cost of studying as well as a living, diverse and unique range of courses, stable political scenario, and flexible laws, and most importantly the quality of education. Singapore is known for its efficiency in courses like banking and finance, law, computer science and IT, tourism and hospitality.

Some of the topmost universities in Singapore are:

  • Curtin Singapore 
  • ACS International Singapore
  • Jamescook University Singapore 
  • National University of Singapore 

The above mentioned countries offer excellent education. One is sure to find the course of his/her interest in the universities of these countries and that too at an affordable cost. If you too are adamant on studying abroad, then you must consider these countries as your options. 


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