5 Tips To Creating An Unbeatable Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook initially was the platform for communication, now it’s a popular marketplace that, with properly managed advertising campaigns, can help you to develop your business and make a solid profit.

Running a business on Facebook isn’t the same as just having a profile there, it’s quite challenging and time-consuming, yet the reward is worth every effort. Why Facebook? The reasons are numerous, however, there are two which are the most convincing – the popularity of the platform and the possibility to micro-target the client – the data available on the profile makes it possible to narrow down the list, choosing the most probable customers-to-be. However, creating a nice and catchy ad is one thing, and making the person actually open the ad – is a whole different story. 

Facebook ads are a powerful tool on your way to commercial success; yet, it requires time, effort, and patience (well, like everything else you want to build in life). 

How to make Facebook advertising work?

  • Target group

The target group is the future backbone of the business; that’s why it’s essential to be careful while making the selection of the users. Typically the diversion is based on:

  • Location-specific communities, cities, or countries;
  • Interests – a type of hobby will make the ads more relevant;
  • Demographics – age, gender, nationality, etc.;
  • Behavior – overall involvement in the activities on the platform, purchases, reactions, etc.;
  • Connections – include or exclude people who you know.

The desire to send as many ads as possible will just ruin your reputation at the very beginning, as people feel strongly negative about spamming and despise haunting ads, and thus, can ban you. After defining the micro-target group, you can move on to further development of the idea. 

  • Ad Design

The design is a part and parcel of a successful ad campaign. “It must be catchy” – that’s all we know. What’s behind the idea of an eye-catching advertisement – classic or kitsch style, colorful or modest? 

There are no definite rules to follow, just your own vision. However, some tips can come in handy:

  • High-quality and relevant photos – the photo that doesn’t match the idea or the goods offered will never be remembered. The majority of Internet users understand and learn the information just by seeing it, they are visuals. That’s why offering a clear picture with top-notch quality and a message will make a perfect combo. 
  • Avoid too much text – it’s distracting and the message is lost. Be short and clear – just a slogan, factual information, and figures, as they are easy to notice and remember.
  • Use the online services to create the necessary size and check the Facebook ad library, with all the requirements and steps to follow. 
  • Use the CTA technique – call-to-action. Ask for something, encourage the action. This is the way our psychology works – when we see a question or appeal, we have a natural reflex to react. If you call for active participation, the ad will have more chances to become visible and checked. 

The right ad must evoke interest and stir the question in the head, luring people to check what’s on offer. 

  • Video ads

As the attention span is getting shorter and shorter, your image ads have just a moment to work. Video, though, stands more chances to engage more viewers and customers, in perspective. According to the statistics, videos when compared to images, get 20% more clicks. 

  • Communication

Communication can never be underestimated, as it is the basis of all personal and business relationships. People nowadays, when being customers, don’t just look for the service and goods, they want to be heard. 

After providing the Facebook ad campaign it’s important to maintain contact with your target group, which will convince the customers of your reliability. The so-called ‘warm relationship’ with the customer will help to create a solid basis of loyal clients, unlike just sending the ads. 

Communication and connection can be used for the product’s improvement as well, as people, after testing the goods, can provide some valuable reviews. 

  • Testing

Every IT company has a team of testers who are supposed to check the quality of the product and reveal all the weak sides and bugs. Same works for the advertisement. In order to make sure that the ad can deliver the right message, it’s important to create a focus group and check it on them. All the suggestions and offers should be considered as well. 

Afterward, the ads can be sent to some users from the micro-target group to identify how responsive they are to it, what variations can be made to increase the interest and what’s a better placement. 

The advertisement makes the business world spin; it appeals to human emotions, causing happiness, surprise, anger, or disgust and thus, motivating their motion toward the purchase. 

Ads have three main functions:

  • to inform about the brand and its services and goods,
  • to persuade people to perform the purchase or activities, 
  • to remind people that they need the product that you, by chance, have on offer. 

With proper planning and preparation, the Facebook ad will help you build the ground for a successful and profitable business. 


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