5 Things To Stop Doing If You Are Unable To Sleep

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You have probably read many articles online that have already stressed enough about the importance of sound sleep. You also might be thinking that this one is no different from the rest, but wait, this one is different! 

Yes, the internet tells you about the importance of sleep but we must also pay attention to the causes that disrupt sleep. 

Having Eating Disorders 

Busy schedules and overworking has become the accepted lifestyle of many. This has led to unhealthy and wrong eating habits. We come back home after a hectic day and hog on food served to us at dinner. The time at which we have dinner is too late. In addition to this, we retire to sleep soon after eating. This leaves no time for the food to get digested causing indigestion. Indigestion further impairs sound sleep. 

We must make it a habit to eat a light dinner and go easy on fried and fatty food.  We must also stay awake for at least an hour before going to bed to allow the body to digest food. 

Consuming Caffeine Post Afternoon  

Many have a habit of drinking a full mug of coffee after dinner. If you too are one of them, you definitely hate your sleep. Caffeine is literally the antidote for sound sleep. With caffeine in your system, all you will do is stare hard at the ceiling waiting for sleep to hit you. Unless you have a deadline to meet and work pending, ditch bedtime coffee. Having coffee in the evening too isn’t such a good idea. 

If you have a habit of having some drink before sleeping, switch to having lukewarm milk. It will help you get a good sleep.  

Undergoing Stress/Anxiety/Depression 

Everyone undergoes stress at work. Going without sleep for one night is absolutely normal. It’s advisable though, to keep your worries – work or family related, out of bed. Once you sign off for the day, you must only focus all your attention on taking proper rest. However, if you are having sleepless nights for weeks or months in a row, and experiencing a low mood, you must seek help from a professional/doctor. Stress, anxiety and depression are major causes of sleeplessness and require proper treatment.  

Using Mobile Phones In Bed 

It’s hard to stay away from phones in the current world, but it’s necessary. We are constantly on our phones right from the time we wake up to the time we fall asleep. Many also have a habit of checking their phones right after they wake up and do the same, right before they sleep. Operating phones, especially social media at night stimulates the brain and engages the mind, thereby waving a good-bye to sleep.  

Booze Before Bed 

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There is a misconception among people that consumption of alcohol aids sleep. Alcohol definitely reduces the time a person usually takes to fall asleep but doesn’t provide a sound and restful sleep. This is the reason why people wake up feeling tired, sluggish and also sometimes with a hangover accompanied by headache. Drinking alcohol at night also causes disturbed sleeping patterns. 

Just like eating right and exercising, an adequate amount of sound sleep is also equally important for our health. So you have to put an end to all those things that come in the way of your sound sleep. 


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