5 Professions One Can Choose In The Field Of Medicine

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It often happens that in the process of achieving the final goal, one may get disappointed halfway realizing that the subject that they have opted for- may not interest them or is not close to what they visualized. It is always believed and time-tested that not everyone can be a doctor, musician, dancer, painter, etc. One may possess few qualities of their idols or inspirations but cannot replicate to be one. It is always better to analyse one’s potential and make the best of it by choosing a career that would make a difference to one.

Medicine is a field where one needs to be in a state of mind to give in the amount of time, patience, courage required to be a professional- right from the start. But it is also not the end of the world if one cannot make it to be a doctor. There are other skills one can focus on that is close to being a doctor. Now-a-days there are various institutes that come up with courses to help students enhance such skills. With more awareness there are also certificate courses that help students get jobs easily. To name a few the people who work behind the doctors are X-Ray Technician, Radiology Technician, Cardiac Care Technicians, Physiotherapist, etc. With the change in the attitudes and understanding of people every aspect of a subject these days is considered important and there is a way to access it. For example, the doctor is important but cannot survive without the members in his team.

We have picked a few skills, which may bring you to surprise that it can turn out to be a career option.

Diabetes Educator

The whole world is talking about diabetes so it’s the to have a diabetes educator who can educate one to balance out the sugar levels in the body.

According to Patricia Bonsignore, M.S., R.N., C.D.E., Diabetes Educator at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management, becausediabetes requires day-to-day knowledge of nutrition, exercise, monitoring, and medication. A Diabetes Educator is a health professional who possesses complete knowledge of and experience in pre diabetes, diabetes prevention, and management.

Our country needs well qualified and trained professionals on diabetes care. There are certificate programs designed for aspiring diabetes educator. The program focuses on developing the skills of individuals to be able to work in multidisciplinary teams and display collaborative approach towards the management of diabetes. There are institutes that provide full time program that prepares candidates to provide competent care to patients and families with the management and control of diabetes. The programs have a blended approach encompassing both theory and clinical aspects offered through classroom sessions, skill Lab sessions and on-the-job training. The programs have been structured to provide progressive group learning among students enrolled through case studies, presentations and group work.

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy technicians form a fundamental part of any clinical laboratory team. The phlebotomy program not only trains students in obtaining blood but also from various other clinical specimens from patients. New diagnostic techniques, clinical laboratory technology, and automated instruments have greatly increased the demand for trained phlebotomy technicians. Phlebotomy technicians can work in hospitals, blood banks, physician offices or in independent laboratories.

Phlebotomy Technician certificate program provides training in obtaining blood specimens by venipuncture and micro-collection techniques. Phlebotomy technician classes also teach you to collect and process other clinical specimens. As a graduate, you can work in hospitals, physician offices or in independent labs.

Dental Assistant

We remember going to a dentist and being treated but have we given a thought about the assistants that helped us with proper medicine and equipment’s to relieve the pain.

Dental assistants greatly increase the efficiency of a dentist in the delivery of quality oral health care.  It forms an important part of any dental care team. If you have strong communication skills and want a career with responsibility, dental assistance is an appropriate one. The duties of a dental assistant are among the most comprehensive and varied ones in a dental office. A dental assistant performs many tasks requiring both interpersonal and technical skills.

Dialysis Technician

Nephrologists do play a vital role but the dialysis conducted on a daily basis needs a well versed Dialysis Technician.

Dialysis is a medical procedure that acts as an artificial kidney by removing waste from the blood and excess fluids from the body when kidney failure or disease prevents them from do so. Dialysis technicians are responsible for operating the machines that do this and monitoring the patients undergoing treatment.A dialysis technician must have graduated from high school, completed an approved training program and had clinical experience.

Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B

During emergency one needs an EMT. One with a calm mind and medical skills can pursue this. Not everyone can work in pressure and turbulence.

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training program or EMT program is designed to create life-saving paramedics for the future. EMT training enables EMTs to work in an ambulance or hospital and helps them in managing emergency medical situations wherever they may arise. To become a qualified EMT, students need to attend two EMT basic certification programs for the duration of 2 months for (healthcare professionals) and 6 months for (10+2 Pass Outs).


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