5 Extraordinary Gifting Options for a Coffee Lover


Starting the day without a cup of coffee is simply unthinkable for someone who goes gaga over even the smell of coffee. The fresh aroma, strong taste and the caffeine jolt leave them craving for more throughout the day. From giving each morning a jump start to working as the perfect partner for those who like watching the rain, sitting on their balcony, coffee plays unlimited roles in the lives of the people who are inevitably in love with it.

Even if you are not that big of a coffee lover but someone you know is, the celebratory time of the year is here and you can make the most of it. Here, we have scouted a list of 5 extraordinary gifts that will effortlessly bring a smile on every coffee lovers face. From an electric blender to a hamper of assorted coffee beans, there is something for everyone on this list.

Electric Blender

Nothing less than a blessing, an electric blender makes for the perfect gift for someone who can indulge in a hot or cold cup of coffee at any given time of the day. However, make sure you opt for a blender that comes with high power and high-speed performance. Popular healthcare brands like KENT offer energy-efficient blenders that come with 12 pre-set functions – making coffee time even better. From crushing ice to grounding fresh coffee beans, a blender will help ease out the process.

A Coffee Hamper

It’s as fancy as it sounds. A coffee hamper with assorted coffee flavours, cookies to go along and a mini book of unique recipes will make the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Whether you buy a pre-packed hamper or customise it the way you want, the choice is yours. However, make sure you tuck a small and loving note along with it to leave a lasting impression.

A Good Book

The best way to relish a cup of coffee is by sitting with a blanket wrapped at a cosy nook with a book by your side. The poetic feeling this setting exudes can leave anyone craving for another cup of coffee. If your coffee – loving friend has a love for books as well, look no further and buy a few books of the genre they like reading about. Leave a love note on the first page to give your gift a customised touch.

A Huge Coffee Mug

The smile on your friend’s face looking at that huge coffee mug as a gift will say it all. For an added touch of personalization, you can even get a picture of you and your friend customised on the mug or any quote that your friend relates to. Every time your friend uses the mug to enjoy a hot and huge cup of refreshing coffee, they’ll certainly think of you.

A Travel Coffee Kit

What’s better than anytime and anywhere coffee for someone who cannot simply imagine starting the day without it? A handy travel kit will accompany your friend on treks, travel expeditions and everyday travel to work. Make sure the kit is functional enough to be easily attached to a bag of any kind.

We are sure these gifting options mentioned above will strike the right chord in your coffee lover friend’s heart. So, make the most of the options available to give your friend the best gift this season. Remember, nothing holds more value than a gift that is well thought of and fits right in with the personality of the person who is receiving it.


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