5 Career Choices To Look At In 2021 For A Promising Future

career choices in 2021
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2020 has been a tough year for the ones who were on their way to establishing themselves in their specific career fields. Some have also lost their jobs during this duration. Almost all of us have slid down instead of climbing the ladder. However, the year 2021 is all about getting up once again and starting fresh, not just because it’s another new year, but because the job, as well as the business market, looks promising in 2021. 

For the ones who were planning to start fresh, 2021 has some very exciting career options at your disposal that promise high pay with immense growth potential. Let’s look at some of the career fields that are teeming with opportunities. 

Online Teaching 

online teaching, career
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Online education took off largely during the pandemic. Even today, many schools and colleges are yet conducting classes virtually and online. Besides, many students and adults signed up for part-time online courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Unacademy, etc. With such a scenario in the teaching world, it’s the best time to venture into the profession of teaching, especially from within your home. All you need is a good command over the computer, technology, and expertise in any specific field. It could be anything right from doodling art, software skills, writing skills, or any even skills like coding and web designing. 

Digital Marketing 

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2020 for the first time, saw the highest level of internet usage ever. With people locked inside their houses, the use of internet-connected digital devices increased massively. As a result, companies, and brands felt the need to engage with their customers and potential customers digitally. This has developed a need to hire digital marketing professionals who can accomplish the company’s goal of reaching out to the customers in the best way possible. If you are an avid digital geek, don’t think twice to choose this field. Just go for it because there has never been a more perfect time than the present for digital marketers. 

Merchant Navy

Merchant navy, career
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A career unknown to many, Merchant Navy is one of the highest rewarding careers. It is a career for those who love the sea and also love to travel. It involves offering commercial services by transporting goods from one country to another. It deals with international trading. If you have had enough of lazing around at home and want a breath of fresh life, a career in the Merchant Navy is a perfect choice. It remains to be one of the most reputed and glamorous profession. Since it requires one to travel overseas for months at a stretch, away from the family, and also carry a huge responsibility of transporting the goods safely, it’s one of the highest paying jobs ever. 

With the lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, transportation has resumed across countries, and the demands for products have increased, thus giving a boost to this field. 

Data Analysis

data analysis
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People across the world have drastically changed their behaviors and lifestyles. A proof of this was their digital activity. As a result, brands had to change their way of presenting their products and services to the people. Before doing that, companies felt the dire need to study and understand their behavioral changes. For this purpose, companies have begun hiring professionals who can study these behavior changes which include finding out what are people buying more these days, what do they prefer eating, knowing, doing, etc based on their online activities, analyze it, communicate the same to the companies and then based on the data, help them place their goods and services in the market. If you are good with data collection and analysis, this career would make a good choice for you. 

Cybersecurity expert

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The previous year saw a great dependency of people on the internet. As a consequence of this, issues such as hacking, theft, phishing, etc. surfaced. To fight these evils, companies, as well as government bodies, began hiring cybersecurity experts to secure their networks. Since the functions of the internet are only increasing by the day, job openings for cybersecurity experts are going to be created in abundance. So if you are still unsure which career to pick, don’t forget to give cybersecurity a thought.  

While these are the top careers to pursue in 2021 based on the current market trends, there are many others like Cloud Computing, UI/UX Designing, Data Science, Robotics and AI, etc, that too can yield somewhat similar benefits. 


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