Kiran Begins With A Bang, But On A Kinder Note!

Kiran Fest

One of the grandest college festivals in the country, Kiran held by the students and teachers of K.C. college, Mumbai is back. It begins this time, but on a different note. Firstly, to learn and adapt that correctly defines its theme of ‘Dataism’. Secondly, to give and have empathy for fellow living beings, remarked by its curation of the pre-events. 

With a fresh beginning and fresher minds, Kiran began on the 8 am of 8th Jan this 2021. The first pre-event to mark its opening was ‘Soleful Deeds’.

It went on for 48 hours, and more than 250 participants from colleges. Soleful Deeds was a Walk for Cause event whose motive was to raise money for charity while cherishing the joy of Kiran, side by side. Now, this could not have been possible without the help of our partner ‘Impact app’ that enabled every participant to donate without even spending a penny. Contingents walked or did any activity to keep them fit, and the app just donated for the cause.

It ended at 8 am on 10th Jan, and an amount of 5000 rupees marked its purpose. Kudos to the efforts of both participants and the members of the S.Co.P.E, which made it possible. Thus, Kiran awaits to reveal much more with a hell lot of events lined up further. Probably, the inception that the crowd was waiting for after a dull and boring year.

So, gear up yourselves for this first time ever Digital Kiran that will give you an enriching experience for life!

Stay tuned.



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