4 Simple Hacks To Help You Remain Disciplined As A Budding Entrepreneur

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When it comes to the disciplines entrepreneurs need to master to be successful, self-discipline ranks top of the list. Business owners are not always business experts, but they are required to be committed to the job – and to holding themselves accountable. Whether it is the 57 percent of small business owners that struggle with time management, the entrepreneurs working 60-80 hour weeks, or the 80 percent that grapple with their work-life balance, maintaining self-discipline as a young entrepreneur is not only crucial in launching your business; it’s vital in its long term sustenance too. Developing smart habits that bring direction and control to your business activities can help you maximize your time in the office and cultivate a habit of being proactive. The best part is that you can start with small hacks to your daily routine – starting tomorrow.

Color Code And Prioritize Your Calendar And To-Do Lists

There has been a lot said about using to-do lists to boost your productivity and the other benefits they can bring to your life. While the benefits of to-do lists are undeniable, you can also take it a step further by colour-coding your to-do list or calendar. This improves organization throughout your day, and multiple studies have shown that being organized can boost your productivity. However, colour coding also helps you maintain your focus and eliminates the chances of tasks slipping through the cracks on a hectic day. Best of all, thanks to productivity apps like Asana and Any Doers, you can now enable the colour tags to feature and create a customer priority flow based on your business goals or season.

Batch Task According To Business Functions, Urgency Or Projects

You should also aim to break your working day into 90-minute blocks for maximum focus and productivity. Working for 90 minutes followed by a 15-20 minute break aligns with your body and brain’s natural rhythm. This means that by the time you begin to feel restless or tired, you can step away for a while to refresh your energy levels, whether through going for a walk, having a snack or simply taking your mind off work. To make this more effective, try to organize your business activities according to business functions or priorities into these 90-minute blocks. For instance, you can kick start your day with 90 minutes dedicated to returning emails and phone calls so you can map out the rest of your day according to the results of this.

Streamline Mundane Functions Where You Can With The Help Of Software And Schedulers

Nothing hinders productivity and creativity like mundane tasks and boredom. To get the best from yourself as an entrepreneur, you must aim to constantly innovate and challenge yourself, and this is particularly applicable when starting your business. Therefore, if there are simple, routine and heavily repeated business tasks that you can automate or streamline, go for it. Make use of the wide variety of business software and entrepreneurial apps on the market today such as business accounting and credit collection software, or scheduling software for your social media content. Also, you can opt to outsource secondary or one-off business tasks to freelancers or experts so that you can maintain your focus on key business operations, such as creating your brand strategy or growing your professional network.

Set A Timer To Keep You Moving Onto The Next Task Throughout The Day

Lastly,  hold yourself accountable for your time management skills with the help of time tracking. It is no secret that entrepreneurs struggle with time management. However, small changes such as using cloud-based time tracking software or simply setting a timer for certain tasks can act as a motivator and keep you moving through your to-do lists as an entrepreneur. If you want to take a more tech-driven approach, you can opt to install time tracking and productivity software for both you and any employees your new business may have. Simple features like a timer reminder can help them improve their efficiency. As a bonus, it will keep you on track throughout the day and sets a great example for your employees.

The path of entrepreneurship is not always easy or straightforward for anyone, young or old. It requires you to be dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and constantly being ready to adapt to changing market conditions. Because of this, promoting discipline both in your job and business is crucial to creating an effective and efficient business environment. Whether it is your first gig out of college or a transition from a 9-5 role, maintaining structure in your days as a young entrepreneur can help you remain productive and achieve your goals – and it all starts with small habits that promote self-discipline.


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