12 Signs You Should Become A Market Researcher

Market Researcher
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Market research is all about gathering data in order to help a business market its products and services. It’s endlessly helpful, as it allows businesses to assess their investments, spot trends, and focus on the customer’s needs. If that sounds like a career that you’d be interested in, here are twelve signs you should consider pursuing it. 

1. You Have a Statistics Degree 

There is a strong relationship between statistics and marketing research. After all, as a market researcher, you will often use statistics to analyze and interpret data essential to the company. So, by already having a statistics degree, you show signs of genuine interest in this career. 

2. You Can Easily Adapt 

The marketing world is constantly evolving – what might be trending one week could be completely forgotten the next. For this reason, it’s crucial to quickly and easily adapt to your environment. You will have to learn new researching techniques all the time, and the amount of information you have to interpret will always grow. As long as you are a fast learner and adaptable, you will thrive. 

3. People Follow Your Lead 

If you have natural leading abilities, you have a skill that’ll greatly contribute to your market research success. Marketing isn’t just a one-person job; there are often multiple people working in different areas, and if you want to succeed, you must be able to manage people as well as your workload. 

This is especially true for management positions. If that’s your goal, your communication and listening skills must be second-to-none, and you must be someone who can listen and respond to feedback. 

4. You Are Highly Analytical 

Being analytical is one of the most sought-after skills of market researchers. It makes sense – you must analyze data daily to come up with marketing solutions. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t just take in information but can also understand and translate it, you have the most important skill necessary for market research. 

5. You Are Organized 

Excellent organization skills will get you far in life, especially if you want to become a market researcher. Being the kind of person who is always on time, maintains a tight schedule, and never misses a deadline is crucial for the kind of work involved in this role. After all, you need to be able to organize all the data you’re presented with. 

If you struggle with staying organized, try keeping a diary and getting up earlier in the day. Writing down your responsibilities and having more time in the day can do wonders for your reliability. 

6. You’re an Excellent Communicator 

Market researchers spend the majority of their day liaising with others, whether that’s their clients, superiors, or co-workers. For this reason, great communicators make excellent market researchers. If you’re the kind of person who can efficiently relay detailed information in a simplified manner, you’re the kind of person marketing managers want. 

7. You Have Long Term Interests and Hobbies

To succeed as a market researcher, you must be highly motivated and interested in the role, and a good sign that you can manage that is having long-term interests and hobbies. It’s the people who can fully commit to a project that will thrive as a market researcher, as they’ll need to throw their entire selves into their daily research. 

8. You Give Great Presentations 

As well as interpreting data and communicating with clients and co-workers, you will also need to give presentations from time to time. These won’t always be to a large room of people; nevertheless, they must be smooth, cohesive, and informative. If you are the kind of person who used to put your hand up first for presentations and proceed to get full marks, then you have the skills required to ace this part of the role. 

If you can communicate effectively usually but struggle to articulate yourself in front of a crowd, don’t worry, as there are ways to improve this skill, such as joining a public speaking class. 

9. You Keep Up with Trends 

Keeping up with trends is a huge part of market research. After all, you need to be able to understand what the customer is currently interested in, and that can change at the drop of a hat. If you spend a lot of time reading about the latest trends in an area you are interested in (like fashion, technology, or entertainment), you’ll find it easier to keep up with the trends for a company. 

10. People Like You 

Being a likable person gets you far in life, especially in the world of marketing. Market researchers spend a lot of time with clients, which makes it important that you are friendly and enjoyable to be around. If you can naturally carry a conversation and make people at ease, you might just make an excellent market researcher. 

11. You Have Strong Research Skills 

Researching is literally in the name of the role, so you must have strong research skills. It’s not just about googling, either – it’s about finding out crucial information for the company and being able to interpret patterns. Those who would often spend a lot of time researching for assignments, essays, or other jobs would work best here. 

12. You Are Genuinely Curious 

Curiosity is the root of all hard work. If you have a natural curiosity that often leads to research, you have the qualities required to become an excellent market researcher. Not only will it help you in the role, but it will also help you ace your education on the way to getting your first role. 

If you are determined to become a market researcher but don’t tick all of these signs, then don’t worry – the most important quality is motivation. If you are willing to work hard at your degree, spend time gaining work experience, and putting everything you have into your first marketing research role, then you have what it takes.


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