10 Quirky and Fun Dating App Conversation Starters

dating app conversation starter
Image Credits: Craft of Charisma

“Hey, you. Yes, you. I know you’re busy, but this could be life-changing. Have I got your attention now? Read further.”

Did you see what I did there? I started a conversation with you and piqued your interest. Okay, fine. I piqued your interest a little bit but it worked.

Meeting someone in real life is completely different from approaching someone on an app. Your personality must ooze through the text to win someone over. That is why you need an opening line to instill some curiosity in the other person and take it forward.

The formula for a good opening line would consist of Comment and Question. The comment could be of something they’ve shared on their profile or it could be an interesting question that requires more than a one-word answer.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple “Hey,” but the world today breathes creativity, especially in the online realm. Here are 10 quirky and fun Dating App conversation starters that could inspire you to get with the program that helps you in the long run.


1. “That picture of your dog really cracked me up. He looks like Newton’s reincarnate.

Please make sure that there is a picture of a dog on their Display Picture otherwise you’ll just be plain rude.

2. “Hey, I’m on my way to the Supermarket. Can I pick something up for you?”

This one’s inspired by the show Master of None and it’s a great pick.

3. “Someday we’ll look back on the day we met, surrounded by grandchildren, and say to them, ‘it all started with a swipe right.’ Or we can lie about it. What do you think?”

This might seem presumptuous but to the right person, it might seem like you’re a daredevil.

4. “Do you know how much a hippo weighs? Well, it’s enough to break the ice. Hello!”

Isn’t this a cute ice-breaker to initiate a conversation?

5. “I couldn’t find a creative way to say Hi so I’m just going to go with this; Hi, What’s up?”

 This one’s self-explanatory and well, pretty accurate.

6. “Want to engage in a textually active relationship?”

A little play on words can get your pretty far if someone appreciates a little sense of humour.

7. “What is the best praise you’ve ever received so I know how to flatter you in the future?”

 If you sense a flirty vibe, then this is the right conversation starter to get the text going.

8. “Hej is ‘Hi’ in Danish. (And the internet makes you learn something new every day.)”

A fun start to a great conversation, this one’s a common way to initiate a dialogue.

9. “You up? (…to have actually stimulating conversation because I am!)”

One of my favorites, this line signifies your emotional well-being and how inclined you are to progress with a healthy conversation.

10. A list on the internet told me saying ‘hi’ was boring. Would you have any better ideas?


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