10 Exciting Jobs In The Food And Beverage Industry For Foodies

Food And Beverage Industry
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There is much more to food than just eating it. If you have ever gone beyond just eating and dived deep into understanding the nitty-gritty of food, there are high chances of you ending up making a career in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Given below are some of the career options in Food and Beverage Industry you can opt for


Well, Yeah! Not that it’s easy, you need to have a passion for cooking firstly. Passion doesn’t cover it all though, culinary education does help. Try cooking as often as you can, doesn’t need to be a Michelin starred dish and try working in a restaurant. The hot, fast-paced and hectic environment is not for everyone. For those who love to cook but can’t deal with the stress of a restaurant could become a personal chef.

Food & Beverage Industry
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If you believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and can write about the interesting oral experiences that you take, you should go after a job as a food critic/ food journalist. With multiple platforms such as newspapers, blogs, Instagram and Facebook pages and apps such as Zomato, there is no shortage of places to post, connect and even earn.

Food & Beverage Industry
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Most people when thinking of different cuisines don’t really consider nutrition. As a nutritionist, you could help people achieve a health-taste balance.  You are going to be the one people come to, to help them enjoy what they eat. This way even you’ll know what the right thing for you is, food-wise.

Food & Beverage Industry
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Before you taste a dish, you devour it with your eyes and treat your nose to its amazing scent. Food presentation is an integral part of the experience of a meal. As a food stylist, it would be your job to make the food look pleasing to the eye, so the customer enjoys it more and makes the dish more likely to be sold and eaten. They are what make these dishes ‘Instagrammable’.

Food & Beverage Industry
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There are quite several weddings, parties, gatherings and reunions that need catering. There is quite a bit of business in this line of business. You get to create your personal touches to the menu and get massive orders.

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The amazingly stacked pancakes with maple syrup soothingly flowing down the sides or the amazing cheese pull in the pictures that you see every day on social media or brochures or ads, food photographers are the ones behind these. These amazingly lit and salivating pictures involve a lot of work and if you love food and are a good photographer, you could try your hand at it.

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Menu planning requires for you to be well versed in nutrition, different tastes and dietary needs of people, food pairing options with appropriate drinks and working with the chefs to curate their specials and work with seasonal availability of items. As a menu planner, you also need to be aware of budgetary assessments and restrictions.

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If you’re creative and social and love experimenting to create interesting and pleasing experiences, you might want to try mixology. There are mixology courses that you can take that can be as short as forty hours. As the title accords your primary job is to create, mix and serve drinks. Your probable office space is going to be a bar, restaurant, club or tavern.

Food & Beverage Industry
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A mycologist’s primary job is to study different types of fungi, which includes mushrooms. Mycologists work with a lot of food processing companies to study fungi in processed and unprocessed foods. Mycologists also grow or find and sell mushrooms to restaurants and other food distributors.

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Every place has a history, a diverse culture and a lot to explore. Food forms one of the most integral parts of an area, an identity. Tourists not only look for architectural or ecological hotspots but also for the taste of the place, quite literally. As a food-themed tour guide, you can compile a list of places and dishes to explore, guide and entertain people. You need to be outgoing for such a job and a passion for exploration and experimentation.

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