10 Best Career Options For Introverts


Are you an introvert living in an extrovert world and find too much human interaction daunting? We chalk out the best career options for you!

There is a common saying that reads “All five fingers are not the same”. So also the human race has different characteristics that sets them apart from each other and makes them have a feather on their cap for their individualistic approach to life. People can be of two types: Introverts and Extroverts. Extroverts tend to be very expressive individuals whereas introverts tend to be in their own bubble and to themselves. Here are 10 career options for introverts that will make you introverts plan to take up these jobs in the near future.

Social Media Manager

The job of a social media manager best fits the bill of an introvert and can be thought of as a great career option as they have to specialise in virtual interactions.  They do not have to communicate with people in person they have to just post on various social media sites hence making them not come out of their comfort zone and invade their bubble.

Small Engine Mechanic

Small Engine Mechanic is another good option for the introverts as all they have to do is bury their heads in the engine and work on the betterment of the machine. This job requires less interaction and more focus on repairing the engine. So it proves to be a good job option for the introverts.


Forester is another good career option for nature lovers as it only involves communicating and coming in contact with nature and its close elements. It is perfect for the outdoorsy introverts instead of communicating with crowds they prefer to be in the preference of a calm serene environment.  It provides alone time to the forester and this job is undertaken by 92% of the males. It involves maintaining study parks, forests, lakes and other natural beauty.

Web Developer

Web developer is a career option that every introvert must explore as internet is the introverts dream. It involves interaction with the virtual world where communication takes place via chat rather than in person interaction.

Fine Artist (Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator)

A Fine Artist is a great career option for artistically-inclined introverted people, however some artists are loud and brash and live for getting their art in the crowd. However, other artists are quite loners who would rather spend hours in the studio.  Hence this career option provides a great platform to display ones talent for art.

Video Game Artist

This is a great career option for the game buffs as gamers spend most of their time interacting with virtual friends and foes than they do with real life counterparts. This career option helps to create virtual worlds without having to interact with people.

Private Chef

This is one of the greatest career options for the foodies who not only love to eat but cook their own meals. It involves providing a valuable service to the customers giving them a value for money meal which provides good quality and good quantity too. The size of the meal prepares depends upon the size of the audience whether it is large or small. They tend to spend more time with food than with the people who eat it. 625 of females dominate this profession.


A Statisticians job is to let the numbers speak for themselves rather than rely on small talk and spend days immersed in spreadsheets and equations. They are paid well for their work and it also proves as a good career option for introverts who have a great talent for math and are good with numbers.

Animal Care And Service Workers

This is the ideal job for all you animal lovers out there who cannot deal with the changing human emotions and cannot communicate effectively. This job proves to be perfect as it involves care and love for animals that fetches you the satisfaction of carrying out your passion and taking good care of the animals.


This job is enjoyed by all the photography lovers who love to capture moments and that too capture the correct and most perfect shot which captures the essence and beauty of the picture. This job should be undertaken as it does not require high level of interaction and communication but requires talent and passion for photography which fits the bill of jobs taht match up to the personality of an introvert.

These are the top 10 jobs that can b undertaken by you introverts who shy away from a rose on Valentine’s day or shy away to express what’s on  their mind as they have their feelings and emotions bottled up. Way to go for you introverts as you’ll have the talent to think before you act and not blurt out things. Cheers!


  1. HI there, while these are all great career choices your readers should consider this…many jobs that have traditionally appealed to introverts such as librarians, lab technicians and IT/computer programmers for example, are changing. I have spoken with librarians who are expected to do community outreach, lab technicians who are expected to present their work at conferences and IT folk who are expected to work in teams. So, the bottom line this is this: find a career that you feel passionate about and be prepared to learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in your chosen field.


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