WordPress plugin to be introduced by Facebook


With WordPress being the most preferred platform by bloggers all over the world, due to the ease of use and reliability that it provides, Facebook has decided to cash in on its popularity by tying-up with the parent company Automattic, to have a free WordPress plugin that will let publishers create Instant Articles. The wider ambition behind this is to make Facebook the most essential part of internet, make it so self-sufficient that there will be no need to go anywhere else. One such step is the WordPress plugin introduction. An instant article converts publisher content via HTML and RSS into fancy, easy to consume content, available direct on Facebook. Gone is the hassle of being redirected to another site everytime you click on an interesting link, Facebook provides you with everything on its own platform. While this is great for the users, as the instant articles are quick to load, it is not very good news for the publishers who get lesser visitors on their webpage. The WordPress plugin will increase the publicity prospect of bloggers who will get a higher number of readers on Facebook, giving them a wider reach, lowering barriers of entry for the newer entrants while at the same time making it difficult for the established publishers to continue generating the same revenue. It remains to see now how successful the new introduction will prove to be.


Image source: www.niemanlab.com


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