What's in the stars for these stars?


Tarot Card Reader Payal Agarwal tells us what’s in store for these popular celebrities in 2013 and offers some cosmic advice!

DOB: 15th March 1993
2013 will be a good year for Alia; work wise she will be considered for some big projects. Spiritual development will be constantly on her mind, but at the same time she will find it difficult to balance things in her life. Travel plans will be successful; she will gain more popularity in foreign countries. But she will be face some emotional loss and should be more careful while selecting friends.

DOB: 28 November 1982
Ranbir will have good financial returns in the year 2013. Tarot also says he should not get affected by any rumours and be careful while signing documents. He will be enthusiastic about his future projects which will turn out to be very successful but he needs to remain grounded. He may want to expand his horizons, which will be supported by his family. His skills will be enhanced as he will be involved in his career in more ways than one.

DOB: 18th July 1982
Priyanka will develop a trust in God and her sacrifices will bring positive changes. She should give time for self assessment because she might not be paid well for the projects she is working on. She should leave a stressful situation behind; holding onto a situation will hamper her progress. Heart break by a trusted person will make her feel rejected.



DOB: 19th June 1970
The tarot card says that he will find it difficult to come out of a fight. Travel related to work will be fruitful. There will be some good news from a foreign country. He may not have financial support but he should not lose hope. He should take care of his loved one’s health.




DOB: 5 November 1988
It’s time to take it easy and improve your stamina. Delays in success are just to keep you grounded and make you more aware about your potential. His slow progress may bring a depressive state of mind, but he should be confident. Concentrating on work is the need of the hour.


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