Warehouse Cafe, New Delhi – Rs. 1200 per person


Owned by the same people behind Boombox, Out of the Box and Skooter, Warehouse Café is Delhi’s longest bar at 60 feet, and is spread over 11,000 square feet space.
CUISINE: Multi cuisine (European, Mughlai, Indian, Oriental, American)
FOOD AND DRINKS: The most intriguing aspect of this place is the menu which has 365 dishes, one for each day of the year. So according to the day, that particular dish is served at 50% discount rate. There is a large variety of food and drinks to choose from which makes it easy to find something to suit every mood. The prices are quite high but is justified considering the quantity of the dishes offered.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: A gigantic bar which provides great ambience and caters to all sorts of night-outs. There are dark nooks for the lovers, a huge terrace overlooking Connaught Place’s Central Park, a dance floor and thumping electronica, hookahs and a wide range of food. However, a family might feel slightly out of place.
1st Floor, Inner Circle, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi – Jagdish Bhatt


Volume 3 Issue 6


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