8 Ways to Make Your Work Desk Look Pinterest-Worthy


In India, a person on average spends about 8 to 10 hours of his day at his work desk. To make most of your efforts and be at your productive best at your workplace, it is important to have an attractive desk that boosts your creativity, and at the same time keeps your mind calm. Here are some ways to achieve that and ensure utmost productivity at work

Keep it minimal

For a constant flow of creative energy, it is important to have a clean desk with only essential accessories on the desk, and all the not-so-important accessories should be your drawer.

A desk plant

Having plants in your sight helps you to de-stress and keeps your mind calm. A living plant at your desk also helps in your professional growth.

Add Colors

The best way to do away with working blues is by adding few colors on your desk. Adding colors on your desk keeps your desk bright and vibrant.  You can add colors by replacing dull water bottles with bright coloured water bottles.  You can also add colorful stationery to make your desk more fun.

Pro Tip: If you are a coffee or tea lover, having a quirky mug is a must.


Having a personal organizer at your desk not only helps you to keep track of your work, but also makes you more fruitful. Having organizers with colorful covers and posted is the must-have for working professional.

Decorative soft board

Decorating your desk soft board with colorful pictures of your favourite memories always brings a smile on your face. You can either put pictures from your recent family or friend trip or you can also put paintings you like and scenic pictures that help you to relax.

Travel Motivation

If traveling is your passion, keep a piece of travel souvenir that keeps you motivated. Having a small crystal globe or a small souvenir from your travel destination will always induce you to work more because let’s face it, we all love to save up to travel.

Adding Light

If you belong to a creative industry, you have a freedom to add fairy lights around your desk. If you belong to more sophisticated space, try adding colorful desk lamps.

Keep on changing

To keep your work desk interesting throughout the year, it is important to keep on changing your desk accessories changing from time to time. Try to change your soft board pictures and painting every three to four months.





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