Vidyasaarathi Career Tests Helps You Make The Right Career Choice

Vidyasaarathi online career test
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With so many career options available today, it is only natural for many to find themselves standing before crossroads, confused as to which one to take. Choosing a career path can thus be a mammoth task, but if you go about it the right way, you will definitely be able to make the right choice. Responding to your interests, understanding your cognitive abilities and personality is key to choosing a career for yourself. 

Many educational institutes, especially schools, conduct aptitude tests to help students make the right choice of choosing either arts, science, or commerce stream after their 10th or 12th board examinations based on their aptitude. Similarly, there are many private and non-profit firms that offer aptitude and personality tests for individuals to help them in making a well-informed career decision. Recently, NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd., one of India’s leading education financing facilitators and e-Governance solutions provider launched Vidyasaarathi Career Tests, online career test. This online test is to help students understand their aptitude, personality and also interests, and help them make a suitable career choice. 

The Vidyasaarathi Career Tests Portal requires students to take three tests, namely the Aptitude Test, Personality Test, and Interest Test. For the purpose of providing insightful test results, age groups have been categorized for these tests into three groups – ‘6-11 years’, ‘12-17 years’ and ‘18 years & above’. 

The plus point of taking the Vidyasaarathi Career Tests is that it helps students identify their interests, tests aptitude, and analyses their personality, and then based on these three factors, suggest career option that suits them the best.  

The Vidyasaarathi Aptitude Test is taken to measure the aptitude or intelligence of students to understand which careers best fits their ability. The Personality Test helps students understand what they want and expect from their surroundings, career and life in general. Similarly, the Vidyasaarathi Interest Test asks students to rate various fields as per their rate of interest. With the combined results of these, students can then proceed and make a choice. 

Applicants will have to pay a minimal amount of Rs. 299 as fees for taking the Vidyasaarathi Career Tests. In addition to this, students will be also be enabled to apply for scholarships that will provide financial assistance to their choice of career. 

Given below are a few key reasons why you must take the Vidyasaarathi Aptitude Test:

  1. You get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Given this, you can invest your time in self improvising 
  2. You will understand the difference between your interest and aptitude. This means that even though you may have an interest in a particular career field, but your aptitude result suggests that you might perform better at some other career field and vice versa. 
  3. You will know where you stand and won’t be aimless. Many individuals end up choosing a wrong career path and realize it much late in life. Later, switching careers can become cumbersome. Hence it is always better to start right. Taking the test will help you start right. 
  4. You get to know the additional skills, maybe blind spots you didn’t know you possessed. This can help you multifunction, thus raising your chances of success. 

If you have never taken such tests earlier, you still have the chance to do it now. To apply for the online test, click here 


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