Twitter star of June 2016 – Shunali Shroff

Shunali Shroff

Shunali has worked variously as a journalist, a corporate communications specialist and the owner of a successful PR firm. She is also a published author, a popular blogger and a columnist. You can follow her @SHUNALISHROFF

Some of her popular tweets are as below:

I Twittercracked it. Aishwarya’s purple lips at Cannes 2016 are her tribute to Prince. #PurpleRain

TwitterThanks to Facebook I don’t need a doctor,a philosophy or a religion anymore. My TL has nothing but rehashed gyan, miracle cures & nuskhas.

TwitterWhen the dessert menu at a restaurant is longer and more extensive than the mains menu, you know you are in Austria.

TwitterWho else fantasises about owning a loaded gun while driving a car in the suburbs of Bombay? #justAsking.

TwitterWith meditation it’s easy to give up attachments, I am beginning to realise. Except to shoes. They’re standing between me & my enlightenment.






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