Twitter launches new feature Moments

Twitter comes up with an exciting new feature called Moments
Twitter comes up with an exciting new feature called Moments

The beloved social microblogging site, Twitter has unveiled a new feature; Moments. This special new feature displays a pictorial slideshow of trending tweets. A new tab represented by a lightning bolt holds this exciting new feature.

Tapping on the lightning bolt tab on Twitter’s mobile app on the users’ phone opens a list of popular posts or Moments. As new stories emerge throughout the day, Twitter continues to update this list. Users can also swipe through to topics including “Entertainment” and “Sports” to find more stories from the past few days.

Moments feature an introduction with a title and description. Users can start swiping to explore the story, with full-bleed images and autoplaying videos, Vines, and GIFs. A single tap of the moment gives users a fuller view of the Tweet, which can be favorited, retweeted, and shared. A double tap lets users instantly favourite the Tweet. The Moment also features a progress bar at the bottom indicating how much more each Moment has to offer. Swiping up or down dismisses the Moment and takes users back to the guide.

According to Twitter, Moments will be updated as new information or Tweets become available. Users will know a story has been updated since their last view when they see a blue dot in the upper right hand corner of the image associated with the Moment.

Users will get the option to follow Moments for stories that update very frequently — such as live sporting events or awards shows. This will blend the Tweets directly into their timeline.

Moments is being introduced to users in the US across Android, iPhone, and the desktop web. However, a Moment can be shared anywhere; if users discover a link to a Moment in a Tweet or DM, or embedded elsewhere, users outside the US can get the same experience. The functionality will be extended to more regions in the coming weeks and months.



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