Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Other Tourist Attractions in Anguilla

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Just north of Saint Martin, Anguilla is a British territory. It consists of the main island as well as several smaller islets, some of which do not have any inhabitants. At the Caribbean island, visitors can stay at the Anguilla luxury villas and make excursions to the various tourist attractions from there. We ensure that you have all the conveniences of home and the amenities that only a Caribbean island can provide.

Fountain Cavern National Park at Shoal Bay 

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See petroglyphs dating to around 900 AD. Historians suggest that the site was once part of Taino worship. For example, a 16-foot stalagmite has been carved into the shape of the people’s deity. As you go deeper and deeper into the cavern, your eyes gradually adjust to the dim lighting. You begin to see freshwater pools and petroglyphs all around on the walls. Breathe in deeply and smell the moist earth as you continue to walk into the cavern.

Big Spring National Park in Island Harbour 

This park is another venue to visit when petroglyphs are on the agenda. These symbols record births and deaths. At the site, they call them spirit eyes. Once again, you walk into a cavern that shields you from the bright sunlight. Allow yourself to be transported back in time.

While you are there, locate the walking path and take a stroll to the East End Pond, which is a conservation area. There, you can spot a variety of birds, including the black-necked stilts and willets. Many birdwatchers would give their eyeteeth for this opportunity. Take plenty of pictures but nothing else. By the way, you will see plenty of birds on the islands themselves. However, there are few habitat protections in place.

Heritage Collection Museum across from East End Pond 

Visitors to the island’s museum are greeted by a collection of pieces with historical significance. Case in point is the flag that symbolized St. Kitts, which only flew over the island for a few hours. Although small, there is a lot to take in. Take your time, and you will find that you are also taking a step back in time as you immerse yourself in all that this delightful museum has to offer.

Rendezvous Bay Beach 

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There are beaches, and then there are walking beaches. This is one of the latter. It is the destination of choice for shell collectors, which makes it a favorite of children. In addition to the broad range of shells you can collect, enjoy the clear blue water that invites the occasional dip. Then, head back to the Anguilla luxury villas, and store your finds.

Warden’s Place in The Valley 

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The venue is a former sugar plantation. There is still some of the great house left. Visitors can marvel at the leftover furnishings and the overall look and feel of the house on the island. Some of the wood is in fantastic condition, which gives you a sneak peek back in time. This is also a place to have a meal, as it is now the site of a restaurant and bakery.

Wallblake House in The Valley 

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Built in 1787, this house is another plantation. It is one of the most intact installations on the island, which makes it of superior historic significance. For the vacationer who loves to learn about places and their rich pasts, the Wallblake house should be on the agenda. Most importantly, you get a good feel for the complexity of the operations back when workers and plantation owners lived very different lives.

Dolphin Discovery at The Valley 

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Getting up close and personal with the animals is possible when you head over to Dolphin Discovery. Well-socialized animals offer up kisses and allow gentle hugs. You may also swim with the dolphins, which is the highlight of many a vacationer’s itineraries. It is fair to say that the friendly animals and the backdrop make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If it is not yet on your schedule, make some room.

Returning to the Anguilla Luxury Villas after a Long Day of Exploration 

With so much to see and do, it makes sense that you want to go slow. Besides that, remember to make plenty of time for checking out the various beaches where you might swim, sunbathe, and relax. Then, allow us to pamper you.


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