Top Women Colleges Across The Globe

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When it comes to diversity, spirit, ambition, leadership skills and quality education, these all women colleges offer no less than their co-ed counterparts. These colleges have grown from classroom strengths in single digits to thousands. They have worked towards offering the same level of rigorous education as men received and have today become one among the world’s premier institutes, moulding their students into the leaders of today. Here are the top 5 all women universities in the world –

The Women’s College, University of Sydney, Australia

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With an enrollment of four students, The Women’s College at the University of Sydney started in 1892, 11 years after the Senate of the University of Sydney resolved to admit women on an equal basis to men, which meant that Australian women would graduate with the same qualifications as men. The college was first set up in a rented house in Glebe. It then moved to the University grounds in 1894. Today, the college houses 250 undergraduates and 30 postgraduates.

Brescia University College, Ontario, Canada

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The only women’s university in Canada, Brescia University College was founded in 1919 by the Ursuline Sisters, who are committed to social justice, community service, and development of women. The college is a Catholic institution and welcomes students of all faiths. While they have numerous undergraduate programs, the Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition is the only graduate program offered.

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Murray Edwards College was founded over 60 years ago by the University of Cambridge with aim of providing education for outstanding women. The college was originally named ‘New Hall’ and began with just 60 students in 1954, and their strength later went up to 300 students in 1963. In 2008, the University received its largest personal donation courtesy of alumna Ros Edwards and her husband Steve Edwards who donated £30 million. The college was then re-christened to Murray Edwards in recognition of the Edwards’ generous contribution. The college offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in programs such as Architecture, Economics, English, and Medical Science among others.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, India

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The college was established in 1956 by the late Sir Shri Ram in memory of his wife. The school initially began with 200-odd students, 9 faculty, 4 support staff and offered just 3 courses in a building in Daryaganj, Central Delhi. Today, the college’s 15-acre South Delhi campus is home to around 2,000 students, 150 faculty and offers 16 distinct courses of study at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Barnard College, New York, USA

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When it was founded in 1889, Barnard College was the only college in New York, and among the few in the country to offer women the same level of education that men received. The College was named after educator, mathematician, and tenth president of Columbia College, Frederick A.P. Barnard. The first class was held in a rented brownstone building with 14 students and 6 faculty. When Columbia College finally went co-ed in 1983, then President Ellen Futter fought for the College to remain independent and worked toward a new and lasting agreement with Columbia in light of their decision to admit women. In 2016, Barnard College historically admitted transgender women to their college.


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