Top 5 Indian YouTubers That Made It Big On The Internet

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YouTube, the largest video streaming platform is a huge source of entertainment for all. Even though there are many apps today to access videos from, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, etc. YouTube still remains to be the easiest medium of entertainment in the world of internet. Additionally, the biggest advantage of using YouTube is that it is free of cost.

Apart from being a source of entertainment for almost everyone, it has also been a life changer for many. Right from Mithila Palkar, actress of the popular web series like Girl In The City, Little Things, and movie Karwaan, to Shirley Setia, now a singer of popular songs like Disco Disco Bole and Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye (remake), YouTube has played a huge role in making life happen for such amazingly talented young people.

Today, there are innumerable YouTubers trying to make their place on the platform. Out of the many, some of them have gained immense popularity among the viewers boosting their subscribers to an unexpected count. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most entertaining Indian YouTubers whose content you always wait, too much on.

1.  Bhuvan Bam (Channel name: BB Ki Vines)

With his latest video of dubbed Aakash Ambani Wedding spilling all over social media, why wouldn’t he be popular? It is this similar type of entertaining content, that has attracted 12 million subscribers to his channel. Bhuvan Bam hails from Delhi and is loved for his comedy. He has been a comedian since childhood, which is why comedy flows so naturally in him. Sources stated that another reason why his sketches connect with all, is because he draws inspiration from people around him.

2. Aashish Chanchlani (Channel Name: Ashish Chanchlani Vines)

Chasing his interest in acting, he uploaded his first video on the platform in the year 2009. All the videos that he has uploaded until now are vines, which involve real-life incidents. This helps him attract viewers as they find the comic parodies relatable, making him one of the most popular stars of YouTube.  A boy with sheer passion and determination today heads a YouTube family of 11 million.

3. Amit Bhadana

A young boy from Faridabad holding a law degree started his YouTube channel in the year 2012. In the initial stages of starting his YouTube channel, Amit was scared to reveal to his family that he wanted to take up creating videos for YouTube as a serious career.  He did face denial from his family for a long time but managed to convince them nevertheless. His channel which has 13 million subscribers, deals with comedy which flows into everyone’s day to day scenarios revolving around friends, family, work, relationships, etc.

4. Harsh Beniwal

Apart from being a You Tuber, Harsh Beniwal is also a vine star and an actor. He was first inspired to act when he joined a dance society. Since then, Harsh has only wanted to be an entertainer. His introduction to Dubsmash made him kick start his passion to become one. Gradually he also started creating a presence on Instagram by creating authentic real-life content with a mix of humour and comedy. Acting on the response he gained, Harsh moved on to create YouTube videos. His long term goal is to enter the world of Bollywood. At present, his channel has 5 million subscribers.

5. Prajakta Koli (Channel Name: Mostly Sane)

Aspiring RJ turned YouTuber, known by the name Mostly Sane, Prajakta Koli has come a long way. Her fans, which she calls her Dum Dum family has grown to 3 million. Prajakta is known for her witty comic videos, which makes her fans go all ‘haha!’ Her first video ’10 hilarious words Delhites use’ gained 30k views in just two months. Her content though in the mid-period went down on the graph scale, gained an upward swing when she uploaded a video ‘types of people on WhatsApp groups’. What makes Prajakta Koli stand out from the rest of the Indian digital stars is that she was the only Indian among 50 digital creators worldwide to be a part of the YouTube’s Creators of Change initiative.

It will be interesting to watch YouTube produce more such talented entertainers that will indeed define entertainment for all us on a completely different level.  


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