Week 1
Go through the ETS ‘TOEFL Practice Tests’, to understand specifi cally what the format of the TOEFL is.

Week 2
You can start practicing TOEFL questions online.

Week 3
The TOEFL has a listening section where you have to listen to conversations, lectures, classroom discussions and then answer questions. You can use the ‘TOEFL Barrons’ book to practice this section.

Week 4
The reading comprehension section of the TOEFL can be practiced again from the Barron’s TOEFL. Refer to the TOEFL website www.toefl .org

Week 5
The writing section has two components. An independent essay and an integrated essay – refer to the same book for more details and essay topics.

Week 6
Th e speaking section comprises of six tasks that include expressing your opinion or speaking on tasks based on the reading and listening sections.

Week 7
You are now prepared – take a mock test and gauge your performance.

Week 8
Finally, take a full-length Internet based TOEFL test. Powerprep soft ware has two full-length tests and can be downloaded free from www.toefl .org. You can take these tests and practice more online.


Barron’s TOEFL
iBT –Internet
Based Test
Kaplan TOEFL iBT

Volume 1 Issue 2


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