Three Careers For Helping People And How You Can Get Started In Them

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When it comes to deciding on a career, it is important that you consider one that will provide you with fulfillment, bringing enjoyment and meaning to the many hours spent away from your family and friends in the workplace. However, with the huge societal pressure on working a high-flying job and making a lot of money, you may have found yourself pushed into a career that is perhaps not the right fit for you. While you may have a high salary, you might find yourself feeling deflated and unfulfilled, and perhaps even that you have wasted your life chasing the dollar. However, it is never too late to change careers to one that brings you fulfillment and has a positive impact in the world and on other people’s lives. To give you some ideas, read on to find out more about three careers for helping people and how you can get started in them. 

1. Social work

Social workers help a range of people and families who require some support in living happy, successful, and independent lives. It is an extremely varied profession, and you can choose to specialize in working with different people in different situations. For example, you can provide assistance to elderly people or adults with mental health or learning difficulties, helping them to live as independent a life as possible. Or, you could work with children in care or families in which there are child protection concerns to help protect children and manage fostering and adoption processes. You could even work with offenders in correctional facilities as part of their rehabilitation process to prepare them for a successful and crime-free life after they have completed their sentence. Though a career in social care undeniably has its stressful moments at times, you will also experience moments of pure joy and satisfaction as you help some of the most vulnerable members of society to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

To become a social worker, you must have bachelor’s degree and have completed an internship and training before taking your state licensure exam. As part of your bachelor’s degree, you will study areas including case management, social services, and social work practice. This is a good way for you to experience different aspects of social work before deciding which area you want to specialize in. If you want to work in a clinical position, you will need to have a master’s degree in social work, and it is also a great way to develop your concentration in your chosen specialty, such as mental health support or child protection services.  

2. Nursing

Nurses are the lynchpin to the successful running of the healthcare system and the extended health of the nation. They provide the bulk of the daily care for patients, carrying on hands-on care like changing dressings and administering medications, taking vital signs, and education patients in the ongoing management of their condition. Some nurses, such as family nurse practitioners, also fill the role of doctors in underserved communities with little access to healthcare. Though you may be happy providing care for patients with a range of issues as a registered nurse on a general ward, you can specialize in various different areas of medicine. For example, if you thrive on adrenaline and are able to keep your head in fast-paced situations, a career as a trauma nurse might be perfect for you. Or, if you have a particular affinity for building empathetic relationships with children and young people, you could become a pediatric nurse. 

To become a nurse, you will have to complete extensive education and training to ensure that you provide your patients with the highest medical and nursing care standards before taking and passing your state licensure exam. If you are looking to change your career path and become a nurse, but are unable to afford either the time or the cost of completing a lengthy three or four-year bachelor’s nursing program, be assured that there are other options. Online accelerated BSN programs prepare you for your second career in nursing by fast-tracking your nursing education in only 16 months, fully preparing you to take and pass your state licensure exam with flying colors so that you will be well-positioned to start your new career direct high-quality patient care.

3. Teaching

Are you passionate about helping children and young people to grow and achieve their potentials? If so, then a career in teaching might be perfect for you. As a teacher, you will be in the privileged position of educating children and helping them in their personal development so that they are empowered to go into the world as independent and successful young people destined to succeed in society. If you have a passion for a particular subject and enjoy spending time with teenagers, becoming a subject-specific high school teacher would make a great career path for you. Alternatively, if you prefer the variety of a fully rounded curriculum and have a greater affinity for younger children, you might prefer teaching in an elementary school setting. 

To ensure that you are teaching students to the highest quality, you must first ensure that you have a high level of education yourself. If you want to become a subject-specific teacher in a high school, you should major in that subject for your bachelor’s degree. Then, you should take a postgraduate teacher training degree to fully prepare you for classroom teaching. This will include extensive classroom experience, during which time you will observe different teaching styles and techniques and incorporate them into your own practice. After you have completed your teacher training and work experience, you can apply for licensure from the state department of education before beginning work in a public school. 


With dedication and determination, you can retrain in a fulfilling career that helps people. Though all these careers have their stressful moments, you will also feel a huge amount of achievement for helping people to live their best lives.


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