7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After A Breakup

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So you guys just broke up? Or was it a couple months ago? But it still hurts, right? I’m sorry that your going through a rough time. And you always end up regretting things you do these days, these could be a few of those…

P.S. STOP doing it, man

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Cyber Stalking you ex: why do you want to know Facebook posts and Instagram posts of her new haircut or his new girlfriend? Save yourself the misery of feeling bad later.

2. drunk call
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Drunk calls: So you visit the fun bar with your friends, DO have fun but don’t end up drunk calling them after.

3. rebound

Rebound date: Don’t, DON’T date someone just to forget your ex. It doesn’t work out well when you are seeing someone and have someone else on your mind.

4 nostalgic
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Get nostalgic: Don’t visit places that you went to with them. Ignore those cafes, restaurants and bars. There are new places to see and new people to meet.

5 posting sad shit
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Posting sad sh*t on social media: Why? Why would you put yourself through the pain of telling the world you’re “feeling lonely” and feel even worse after that?

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Take advice from friends: Even if they mean good, I’ve hardly seen any friend give good advice when it comes to relationships. Get busy instead, read books, watch GoT! You don’t wanna end up like…*gif*

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Keeping their things: I know his t-shirt smells great and reading her old WhatsApp chat makes you happy, but don’t do that. Get over it.

Instead start exercising, get a new haircut, spend time with your family, and Love Yourself!


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