The Obsession For Government Jobs In India

Government jobs
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Clearing a government job exam in this country is considered a tremendous accomplishment. And if you against all odds get recruited in a government department… It is an even bigger triumph. We all must have heard our parents wishing for us to secure a government job at some point in time. Government jobs are a be and all for most Indian parents. There, however, isn’t a single, clear reason for this obsession.

People have long recognised that government jobs are the most comfortable and secure career options. Furthermore, their appeal has increased even more in today’s fiercely competitive employment market.

The pie chart below visually presents the information from a report on It displays the data, organized by year, regarding the number of applications received for job appointments in various government departments from 2014 to 2022.

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Additionally, take a look at the comparative bar graph for male and female candidates from different categories who appeared for government exams in 2019.

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Government jobs provide a substantial benefit in terms of stability compared to the private sector, where layoffs are frequent and job security is unpredictable. Businesses in the private sector might combine or even fail, which would be problematic for employees’ jobs. However, these problems don’t apply to government employees.

The wage structure is a crucial additional component to take into account. After the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations were put into practice, government workers now get salaries that, when combined with extra benefits like travel, dearness, child education, and rent allowances, make their professions even more financially lucrative.

The working hours are often consistent in the majority of government occupations, however, they may change depending on the particular function and duties. For instance, if you want to join the police, military, or railroads, you must stick to the set work hours in order to do your tasks. Government medical staff and law enforcement officers put in nonstop, 24-hour labour to help and support residents throughout the pandemic. Further, the appealing list of other holidays and leaves cannot be unseen.

Certain government employees are provided with accommodation facilities (quarters), which enables them to save money. They can possibly utilise that amount for other ventures. Additionally, government staff frequently receive perks including free medical care, medications, consultations, and hospitalization—sometimes even at renowned hospitals. In many situations, their families are also given access to these elite services.

Pension serves as another important incentive that attracts individuals to seek government jobs. The pension amount is determined by factors such as your post, years of service, and your pay in the last five years of your employment. Furthermore, retirement benefits like provident fund, gratuity, and salary arrears contribute to achieving financial independence after retirement.

Several government positions, such as those in the military, police, public administration, or those involving citizen access through technology, instil a sense of satisfaction and joy since they entail serving the country and making a positive contribution to its development. Many youngsters are motivated by this.

Many young people in India have a tremendous desire to acquire a “sarkari naukri” (government job) to safeguard their lifestyle. Thousands of youngsters take the central and state examinations each year with the aspiration to get into government jobs. It’s tough to pass these difficult tests with distinction on your first try. Many students spend years preparing for these tests in the hopes of getting better results on successive tries. The Department of Personnel and Training reported that since 2014, more than 22 crore people have applied for government jobs. Government jobs do offer security and other perks undoubtedly. However, it is crucial to avoid being overly focused because this might lead to higher unemployment.


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