The Mine


Author: Arnab Ray
In this book, Arnab Ray, popularly known by his blogger alias Greatbong, explores the horror genre with a cinematic, spine-chilling portrayal of events.
Ray explains, “It is a genuine dark psychological thriller and not the comedy horror which we generally see in the Hindi movies. The book is exploratory in many ways, where the monster is within the man.” At a secret mine in Rajasthan, a hidden place of worship is discovered. Ray explores the horror from our daily
lives, the horror that lies within, as five men confront the events of their past. The book is written like a screenplay, and will undoubtedly make a thrilling Bollywood film soon with its dramatic and crisp dialogues. Different threads of the story are opened that he ties together in a brilliant way. The day-to-day
insecurities and paranoia that lie latent within all of us are exaggerated to such an extent that they return to haunt you. You are forced to ask yourself what your reaction would be in a similar situation. All in all, this is a thrilling book that you won’t be able to put down till you have finished the last page. (Rs. 195)


Volume 1 Issue 10


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