The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


After scouting through the pages, we give you our favourite compliments and confessions to be found among the college and school pages

The Good

After coming to Jai Hind , I understood that beauty and brains can go hand in hand, look at ourgirls. — Jai Hind College Confessions

Even if there was no gravity on planet Earth, I would still fall for you Akash— St. Michael’s Confessions

Stop tormenting the cats by taking pictures with them. Sincerely, on behalf of the wee-little kitty cats. — Ruia Confessions


Spent the 3 yrs of my life here & got to say it were the best years of my life!! — Singhania School Confessions

To the admin of the page! ! Dude the confessions on this page are so damn addictive that ppl have stopped commenting or liking my pics. Wtf yaar friends say that they dont switch to any other page Pls find a solution. — Singhania School Confessions

Once one of my friends went into the girl’s washroom on the 2nd floor (new building) without reading the board and considering it as 3rd f loor… (unluckily/luckily no one was in there at that time)…he came out after 5-6 seconds…and said…“aayla, aatla badallay!” — Ruia Confessions

The Bad

I was complaining about this annoying Prof in the washroom and kept blabbering stuff. Everyone was laughing along. After 2 minutes, the same Prof steps out from the loo and there is absolute silence. I (quite stupidly) said bye to  my friends and the Prof recognized my voice! From that day on, she harrowed me till the end of the semester. But who cares!  — Ruia Confessions

The school seems to care more about our appearance than our comfort.  Recently Princi pulled up a few guys for “inappropriate” Hairstyles. Ha. Who  made Baldy in charge of hair, anyway? — Apeejay Nerul Holy Mother of Confessions

You need to stop throwing around so much attitude and behave like you know it all. We get it you’ve done a lot of shiz, achieved a lot and  all that but seriously, stop walking around like you own every god damn thing around you and advising people like you’re their father. — Jai Hind College Confessions

The Ugly

I mixed up all the acids and chemicals in the Chem lab after my SYJC board exam practicals. I needed revenge bro. I hated how those teachers tortured us and oh yes I paid breakage fee without breaking anything. — SIES Confessions

I used a neuralyzer and wiped out all the grammar, syntax and spelling lessons every Jai Hind b**ch was ever taught. I am thus to be thanked for all the unintentional funnies on this page.  — Jai Hind College Confessions

All the stolen crucibles and silver nitrate bottles from the chem lab have been kept next to the 4th floor washroom, beside micro lab, thank me later. — SIES Confessions

Made out in front of the camera, on the landing next to the canteen.*cheers* — Xavier’s Confessions


Volume 2 Issue 10


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