Mumbai Under A Starry Night: The Vincent Van Gogh 360° Exhibition

Van Gogh

The Vincent Van Gogh 360° art exhibition has finally made its debut in India and will be on display from 20th January to 3rd March 2023 at the World Trade Centre. If you are a fan of Van Gogh, then this is definitely something you should check out. It is more than just displayed art, it is experiencing art in a more immersive way, with your auditory, tactile, and visual senses being awakened.

A one-of-a-kind experience worth checking out, the exhibit starts with an introduction to Vincent Van Gogh’s life and artwork- from why he started to paint, and what he painted, to his mental illness and his relationship with his brother Theo. Once you learn about his life, you enter the immersive room with his paintings virtually displayed on floor-to-ceiling projections, with intricate details that give a sense of life to all his paintings. 

The immersive room is a 45-minute-long exhibit of his best works, with music playing in the background that captures the essence of each artwork. From his self-portraits, flower paintings, and famous artworks like The Starry Night and Cafe Terrace At Night, the immersive exhibition almost brings life to the paintings and is an attempt to make the audience experience what Van Gogh possibly experienced when he painted all those paintings. 

It is an exhibition that isn’t worth missing out on. This is the first time an immersive experience has been introduced in India, although this has been a popular exhibit around the world for many years. Going with someone will certainly enable you to have many conversations about the art, and will bring a lot of thoughts and ideas to light; although going alone may be a personal enlightening experience on its own. 

The exhibition was originally only going to be on display till 17 February but has now been extended till 3 March. It is also worth noting that the exhibition will soon be arriving in Delhi and Bangalore as well, the dates for which will be announced in the coming week. 

The timings for the Mumbai exhibition are 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM on all days, and the prices vary from INR 999 to INR 1,399, depending on the day and time that you go. You can book your tickets for the same online.


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