The 5 Kinds of Learners


Everyone assimilates information differently. Find out how you do it and what the best study methods are for you to ace the exams

You are a visual learner, which means you learn and recall information in pictures

Study methods for you

Convert words and long sentences to associated symbols, images and diagrams
Highlight, circle and underline text in different colours to aid memory
Draw mind maps and flowcharts to remember concepts
I like sitting in the front row of the classroom Recall images and practise turning them back into words and sentences

You are an auditory learner, which means you like to listen ratherthan read information

Study methods for you

Record yourself reading out material and listen to it repeatedly
Relay orally the information learned to another person
Associate certain information with certain songs and recall information through the song
Practice saying the answers loud in your head before writing them in the exam

You are a read/write learner, which means you prefer writing notes and/or reading them

Study methods for you

Write your notes over and over and read them repeatedly
Summarise your notes into bulleted lists and under subheadings
Rewrite learned concepts in your own words
Associate diagrams, graphs and charts with statements

You are a kinaesthetic learner, which means you learn from handson activities

Study methods for you

Study the material with plenty of examples and case studies
Use flash cards and memory games to memorise the material
Study in short time blocks with breaks between them, for instance 1-hour study and then a 15-minute break
Practice writing old question papers by playing out the question situations

You are a multimodal learner, which means you can assimilate information using a variety of methods

Study methods for you

Identify your combination of learning: visual + auditory, or read/write +  kinaesthetic, or visual + auditory + read write, etc.
Apply the study strategies of all the applicable sectors while studying to find the right context for each

I need to see the teacher’s facial expressions and body language to understand points

I like sittingin the front row of the classroom

I make detailednotes

I like charts, diagrams and images

I like to listen to words and then repeat them over and over

I prefer being given instructions and directions orally and seldom write notes

I tend to talk to myself

I like video clips, group discussions and lectures

I feel the need to memorise information as it is presented to me

I remember only if I write information down repeatedly

like given notes, textbooks and reference books

I like lists, bullet points and structure in my notes

I tend to get fidgety when I’m made to sit for a long time

I need to take breaks often when I’m studying

I learn better by doing something as opposed to reading or listening to someone tell me about it

I like lab work, demonstrations and field trips

I like using a combination of study methods according to the material I need to learn

I think I have one or two or more characteristics from the other student types in
this graphic

I can study a certain material with different methods equally well

I need to use more than one method sometimes to understand a piece of information


Volume 2 Issue 9


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