Tart, Mumbai (Rs. 200 per person)


Starting off as just a pickup dessert parlour, Tart has recently opened up a sit down café that merges dessert parlour with deli-style café food.
CUISINE: Deli, bakery and desserts
FOOD AND DRINKS: The savoury items on the menu can serve as a quick snack or a light meal. The basil chicken dim sum is a tasty dish served with a delicious honey-lemon dip. The Khao Suey is a mini meal which can be opted for in vegetarian or chicken and has a fun do-it-yourself requirement. The pastries are delicious as expected. The Millionaire Shortbread is rich with chocolate and caramel and has a nice base of biscuit. The custard-filled Cronut is very sweet with a powdered sugar-coating, chocolate glaze and cinnamon flavour. The best drink to enjoy is undoubtedly the hot chocolate while the Café Mocha is also a good choice.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: The outdoor seating ambience is excellent for a quiet conversation. The food tastes great and the pricing is fairly reasonable. It is a gem-of-a-café to enjoy a friendly get-together. Solace Building, Shop 2, 33rd Road, Near Mini Punjab, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 – Sean Sequeira


Volume 3 Issue 7


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