Well, hello summer!


Summers are here and they only indicate one thing which is eagerly dancing inside everyone’s head: – A much needed vacation.

Summers mark the end of the academic year for the kids and a reason to escape the scorching heat in many parts of India. Well, not everyone can afford a European Extravaganza in the summers. Fret not, because the diversity of India offers perfect summer getaways which ensure a great time for families as well as young travellers alike.

Here are 8 under rated and unexplored Summer Holiday spots spread across different parts of India, a mixed bag consisting of offbeat destinations and various living options:



Panchmarhi is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, surrounded by the majestic Satpura range. The Satpura tiger reserve and the many 10000 year old caves dotted all over the place are the various tourist destinations in Panchmarhi.

Kadmat Island


This island in the Lakshwadeep archipelago is considered as one of the most exotic islands n the world. The endless, pristine beaches and a tropical climate make it a perfect beach destination. Luxury resorts to economic lodges, Kadmat Island has it all to offer to it tourists.



The cardamom paradise, Wayanad is tucked in the hills of Kerela. The cool climate and the vast expansions of aromatic spice plantations are enough to make you mesmerized and lost in your own trance. This destination is perfect for somebody who needs a relaxing getaway from the hectic urban life.



The evergreen alpines and the striking mammoth Himalayas are what strike the first time traveller in Kalimpong. This mini paradise in West Bengal offers a pleasant climate throughout the year and its acacia, bamboo and orchid fields are a feast for the eyes. Rare fauna such as the red panda and Asiatic bear can be spotted in its sunflower lined roads.



This south Indian holiday destination personifies calmness. Although bustling and a rapidly developing hill station, one can never take the solidarity and calmness out of Conoor. This is what makes it a perfect getaway from our fast paced lives.

Jim Corbett National Park


India’s first National Park, it hosts a variety of flora and fauna and marks for a perfect destination for every wildlife enthusiast. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, the lucky travellers can spot a tiger, although one can frequently spot various species of deer, peacock and sloth bears. The night safari is the unique aspect which cannot be missed here.



This is the southernmost tip of mainland India. Many come here while on a pilgrimage to Shaktipeetha, to visit the Kanyakumari temple. Also known as the land of hidden wonders, the Gandhi Memorial, constructed for public viewing of the Mahatma’s ashes before their immersion is also found here. The Memorial is constructed with such finesse that on 2nd October, the birth anniversary of Gandhi, the first sun rays of the day falls on the memorial.



Dallhousie is one of the few mountain retreats left behind by the British. The old world aura of this place is mesmerising. One can find many Victorian style homes sprawling across the land as well as the British Era churches of St John and St Francis.


With the temperature crossing 40 degrees, these destinations act as perfect escape zones for everyone who wishes to explore the country with their family and friends.


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