Startup Company Called Brikk Manufactures The Most Opulent of Gadgets You’ve Ever Seen!


Apple products may blow a hole in your pockets but that hole might just get bigger. A company called Brikk manufactures custom-made Apple AirPods coated with two layers of 24K gold, and it’s the stuff your boujee dreams are made of.

There are two variants to the product – Lux AirPods Classic and Lux AirPods Deluxe. The Classic costs $4,995 and the Deluxe costs $9,995 (INR 7 Lakh!). The design also includes a row of 2-carat diamond rows at the back. Each AirPod is hand-polished, plated and assembled at Brikk’s lab in Los Angeles. You can also get your hands on an 18K rose gold coated or 950 platinum options.

Additionally, the AirPods come with a charging dock in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum colours, along with a built-in audio jack and lightning port.

The company also manufactures Lux iPhones, Apple Watches, iPhone Docks, Nikon camera kits among, others The Lux iPhone X has multiple variants – Mono, Classic, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Tripple, Haute Omni, Ingot, Special Editions and Union Kits. The Ingot is made from Fine Gold and Platinum. The Special Editions are the Celestial Edition, made using the Henbury meteorite which landed in Australia in 1931, and the Royal Jade Edition, can be made from a variety of different selections – a tri-colored jade of green, orange, and lavender on white or a near imperial jade of almost pure green. Brikk also allows clients to choose exactly wherein a stone artisan will create the slice for their phone. The Union Kit is a matching set of gold-plated, diamond encrusted iPhones which can also be personalized or engraved. The rest are available in their standard 24K Gold, 18K Rose Gold, and 950 Platinum options, as is the iPhone dock.

The ‘Watch 3’ is available in the Classic, Deluxe and Haute collections. The Classic comes in 18K or 24K variants with multiple choices of straps. The Deluxe is an 18K or 22K coated edition with 1-4 rows of diamonds. The Haute collection is made of Solid Gold, Platinum, Ceramic or Meteorite, with a strap entirely studded with diamonds. There is also a Lux Watch 2 option, packaged in a protective case made of an aluminum exterior and carbon fiber interior.

The Lux Nikon Kit includes a 14-24 f/2.8 lens finished in pure 24K Gold. According to information on the website, only 77 units of this edition will be made.  It has taken almost a year of R&D to develop this kit in Brikk’s product development lab. Sections of the camera are adorned in stingray leather, including the focus and zoom rings, flash area, and grip. The total kit includes a brand new Nikon DF camera with rechargeable battery, quick charger, USB cable, rubber eyecup, camera strap, eyepiece, body cap, hot shoe cover, software, Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 lens with front cap, rear cap, and hood. 7% of the sales of each kit is donated to a charity of the client’s choice.

The company has been making headlines for obvious reasons, and their clientele mostly comprises of the rich and fabulous. While their obscene prices certainly raises eyebrows, their products are worthy of the admiration.





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