Spend A Great Romantic Monsoon With Your Partner

romantic monsoons
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It is a cloudy day, a cool breeze is blowing, which is then followed by rains. Coolness has settled in the city. The climate is such that you feel like sharing a comfy warm blanket and cuddling with your partner. Quiet romantic isn’t it? This is what monsoons are all about.

With the arrival of monsoon, take a chance and spend some romantic time with your partner.

Here are some of the simple yet best ways to make the most out of this romantic monsoon weather: 

Have a hot cup of coffee together

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If both you and your partner are working, try leaving early one day and have a steaming cup of coffee together. Engage yourself in a nice conversation while sipping on your coffee. You can either meet in a cafe or at home. 

Go on a long drive

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Evening and night time is the best time to go on a long drive. Hold your partner’s hand, sit in the car and drive away. You can just drive around in the city or drive to the outskirts of the city. 

Share an umbrella

romantic monsoons
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There is nothing more sweet and romantic than this. Walk on the road and share an umbrella. Imagine yourself smiling bright, laughing under the same umbrella? Sweet right. Do it!

Get wet

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Sometimes taking off your umbrella from over your head and just getting wet in the rain too can give immense happiness. Try it! 

Take your partner on a candlelight dinner

romantic monsoons
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Have dinner by the side of a window covered with droplets in candle light. Look into your partner’s eyes, steal glances, blush, exchange romantic comments, hold hands, eat delicious food and create ‘monsoon’ memories. 

Listen to romantic songs and dance to them 

Image Credits: Critics May Lie

Aah! This one has to be done. With so many amazing romantic songs, you are sure to have the best time with your partner. Play the song, feel the song and sway to the music along with your partner. 

Get into the blanket and enjoy the movies

romantic monsoons
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This is the season to get cozy and comfy with your partner under the same blanket. It’s literally the season to ‘netflix and chill’. Watch all your favorite movies, more accurate, romantic movies. 

Cuddle and kiss a lot

romantic monsoons
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Share the warmth with each other. Cuddle as much as you can. Monsoons also add a complete new thrill to kissing. Kiss and give small pecks to each other in between conversations. 

Monsoon is a season to get absolutely romantic with your partner. The moments that you share with them in monsoon, however small they might be, add a great value to your relationship. Remember that moments are what life builds on. So create your best moments.   


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