It’s Time For Some Monsoon Precautions

things to avoid in monsoons
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Monsoons have arrived and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the scorching summer heat. With cloudy skies and lush greenery, monsoons are the best time of the year to enjoy steam hot tea/coffee and pakoras.  

However, monsoons along with bringing cold winds and pleasant weather also bring a lot of diseases like dengue, viral fever, malaria, typhoid, fungal and bacterial infection and dehydration. So while we enjoy this whether, lets also take care of our health and hygiene.

Here are some things you need to take care of in the monsoons:

Avoid eating street food

Of course it is difficult to control your cravings and temptations but it’s only for a month. Having street food is definitely not healthy, but you should specifically not eat it during monsoon as the number of bacteria sitting on the food items might be too strong for your immune system to handle.

things to avoid in monsoons
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Maintain a healthy diet

Since most of the diseases in the monsoons are water borne, make sure to boil water for drinking purpose. Keep having water and keep the body hydrated. Make sure you wash fruits and vegetables properly before consuming them.

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Wash legs and hands after returning home

If it’s pouring outside, you will end up making your feet dirty while walking. You will also get bacteria on your hands if you travel in public transport. Once you get back home, make sure to wash your legs, hands and face with soap to rid yourself of the bacteria. You can also take a bath twice in the day to stay free from infections.

things to avoid in monsoon
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Always carry a mosquito repellent with you

Wet places are the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Considering its rainy season, there are high chances of getting bit by the mosquitoes and catching diseases like malaria and dengue. Carry a pocket mosquito repellent in your bag while going out and also apply it before leaving from home. This will help you protect yourself from the mosquitoes.

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Don’t get wet

It is fun to get wet in the rains. You can do it once, but don’t get wet every time it rains. You might end up catching a flu and fever. Carry an umbrella or a windcheater/rain coat to keep from getting wet.

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Enjoy the monsoons but also take care of your health.


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