Some Cool Ways To Celebrate Birthdays During Lockdown Period

Birthdays During Lockdown
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In this phase of a global pandemic, when every cafe, every lounge, and every fancy restaurant is closed, what should you do birthdays during lockdown? Sit in your bed the whole day in your same old PJs and T-shirt, waiting for the day to get over? Absolutely not. It may seem like time has come to a standstill but nobody is stopping to age and life goes on, no matter what. This is why everyone deserves a celebration on their special day. Here is a list of cool ideas to celebrate birthdays during lockdown period and make it memorable even if it means celebrating indoors. 

1. Bring the Restaurant Home.

Birthdays During Lockdown
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A birthday without a cake definitely feels incomplete. This shouldn’t keep you from cutting a cake on your birthday. If you can’t order a delicious cake from a hotshot bakery, why not bake one at home? Don’t worry, there are a thousand recipes online which will teach you how to bake a cake using simple ingredients available at home. Moreover, you could surprise your family members with your culinary skills and prepare some delicious snacks for them at home. You may also set up a mocktail station at your home and experiment with new flavours. After all, good foods always accompany a good time. 

2. Host a Virtual Party

Birthdays During Lockdown
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Birthdays during lockdown obviously don’t grant any permission of stepping out of the house and make your way to pubs, but they sure allow you to house a virtual party at home itself. Since video calling and chatting with loved ones is mainstream, you can host a party online and have a gala time with those close to your heart. With applications like Houseparty, Psych, Ludo King and so many more, you can play fun games with your friends, create quizzes and even challenge each other for some quirky competitions. This is sure to make your birthday evening memorable. 

3. The Magic of Cinema

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Is there a movie you and your friends love watching together? Does Bollywood bring you and family together and you all enjoy hysterical laughs and emotional moments while watching your go-to movies? If so, then, grab your popcorn tubs because making your birthday a movie night is an excellent idea. You can use online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix and many more. You may also watch movies with your friends who are far away from you with Netflix Party. It is an extension that allows you to share your thoughts and emotions while watching a movie with your movie buddies, live via a chat room. 

4. Out of the Box Ideas

Birthdays During Lockdown
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Are you a person who loves to break away from monotony from time to time and gets excited to experiment with new things? If your answer is ‘yes’, then unleash the child in you and build forts out of blankets, fairy lights, pillows, boxes and whatever you wish. You are sure to enjoy the prince/princess treatment on your birthday when you live in your own handmade castle. You may also go on an indoor picnic with your family, maybe play a board game, chit chat, play cards, learn old masters tricks from your grandparents and don’t forget to carry a checked bedsheet to lay your cute little cheese sandwiches on. 

5. Themed Karaoke Night

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Dressing up is not just for going out, you can invite your family members to a themed Karaoke night, where everyone dresses up in a  specific theme, like the 80s or Bollywood or Halloween. You all may strike up goofy poses in your quirky costume and enjoy a melodious Karaoke night and groove to your old favourites. You may also video call the people you miss and sing along with them. You may be surprised to know how musical your family and friends are!

6. A Trip Down the Memory Lane

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This is one of the most amazing ways to celebrate birthdays during the lockdown. Most of us always look forward to upcoming trips, occasions and festivals. We seldom revisit those occasions we have already celebrated merrily. Going through old videos and photos can be a very heart touching activity, you may also do this with your family and revisit those memories and rejoice the time well spent. You may also recreate some funny or iconic photos and add a few twists to them and update your albums. 

All these activities are sure to make your birthday memorable. If we look at the silver lining of having a birthday in the midst of a national lockdown, it is that we finally give some thought to the way we have spent our special day in the past years. Most of us just go out with a few friends to hang out in a good lounge, have some food, make small talk, click a few photos and that’s it. Lockdown has given us an opportunity to celebrate special occasions in a more intimate manner and do things a bit differently which we would remember for a lifetime. With that said, don’t forget to indulge in the fun activities listed above. 


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