Silver Beach Cafe, Mumbai – Rs. 750 per person


Silver Beach Café is a complete European style café, right from its look and ambience to the food served. The booth seating and hanging table light are inspired by The Godfather. With a live kitchen on one side and the street on the other, your dining experience will surely not be boring.
CUISINE: European, American
FOOD AND DRINKS: The Vietnamese Basa fish laid on a bed of pesto is exquisite and melts in your mouth. The fish is delicate and has light flavours. The Rattatouie Risotto is just like it should be – tangy and fresh. The lemon grass cooler is refreshing and perfect for a hot day. For your sweet tooth, try the lemon cheesecake which dissolves almost instantly in your mouth.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: A place for good European food. The overall menu is quite innovative; however, the dessert and breakfast sections lack excitement. Jaldarshan Building, Gandhi Gram Road, Near Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple, Juhu, Mumbai – Junisha Dama


Volume 3 Issue 1


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