SAT Scrapped Out. Plans To Offer Digital Version Of The Main SAT In Process

SAT Test
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SAT or Standard Assessment Tests, a US-based standardized test, that evaluates the readiness of a high school student to enter college, has now been scrapped out by the College Board, an American non-profit standardized testing organization.

SAT helped undergraduate colleges of the United States and a few universities in India in making the crucial decision of admitting students based on the test scores. It was a test consisting optional essay-writing section and the supplementary exams in various fields called SAT subject tests, both administered by the College Board. 

Now the students won’t be able to appear for the pencil-paper-based SAT. The officials cited pandemic as the reason behind the canceling of the test. The team however is chalking out an alternate plan of conducting the main SAT in a more ‘flexible’ and ‘streamlined’ manner that will enable students to take the test digitally. Additionally, the board  said that doing away with these tests will also “reduce demands on students.” These however are just plans and have no immediate signs of fruition. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused immense upheaval in the education sector. It has affected students attempting to get into universities for their higher education. Consequently, it was a hassle for those wanting to take the SAT for the same purpose, as finding the right centers at the right time and place became a mammoth task. 

Therefore, many universities in the US have ended or for the time being, suspended the requirement of SAT to admit students. Universities are now offering admissions based on the students’ high school scores, their participation in extra-curricular activities, and by conducting interviews. 

The pandemic has changed the way US universities process admissions for international students. For admissions in 2021, universities waived the SAT and SAT subject test requirements completely and instead focussed on a student’s past academic history as well as extracurricular activities.

“Universities have realised that the SAT subject tests are redundant for students who are studying in international boards such as IB and A levels, as the syllabus is the same. For students who study in local boards such as the ISC, CBSE or HSC, the AP or Advanced Placement exams make more sense as they are more thorough and more accurately demonstrate a student’s true potential.

Students will now have to show excellent grades in their school and couple that with strong extracurricular activities. They will have to write well thought out essays and prepare an impressive application to get admission to the top universities in the US,” says Education Counsellor, Karan Gupta.

The College Board has clearly stated on their official website that students from the United States who have already registered for the upcoming Subject Test will have their registration cancelled and fees refunded. For students, who have registered or plan to register for the test, belonging from outside the United States can take the test through June 2021 administration. The dates for the registration for fall 2021 and spring 2022 will open in June 2021. 

Further, students who wish to cancel their registration can do so by calling the customer service and ask for a refund of the test fees. 


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