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So you want to make a break into the television or film industry, but you have no idea where to begin. Youth Inc lets you in on how to navigate a successful career in the field of acting.

Acting is one of the most sought-after careers all over the world especially with all the glitz and glamour that surrounds the life of a movie star! While becoming an actor isn’t exactly rocket science, it isn’t easy as well. A lot of people make it big, but there are some who simply fail to make the cut. So, what are the factors that cause aspiring actors to make or break it? While training at a good acting school is of great importance, it is equally important to develop certain qualities before you decide to begin your journey to lighting up the big screen.

Learning the ropes
You might just be tempted to jump right into the audition process if you feel that you are blessed with a natural talent for acting. However, it’s best to get trained at a good acting school because acting is as much an art as it is a talent. Acting schools offer courses that are intensive. Applicants with a class 12 certificate along with a good knowledge of spoken and written English or Hindi are eligible to study at acting institutes.
Further, the full-fledged training that is imparted at such schools ensures that you get an all-round education in this art. The curriculum generally covers dance, stunts and martial arts, diction, dubbing, voice culture, imagination and memory exercises, speech variation and modulation, body language, improvisation, creative body movements, expression exercises, music, character study, filmed practical tests, film appreciation, scene studies, script analysis, grooming, personality development and portfolio creation.

Acting qualities
Besides training to become an actor, there are many qualities that one needs to inculcate in himself or herself in order to make it in the world of stardom. One needs to have a good amount of confidence and flexibility to be able to adapt to different kinds of roles. A vivid imagination as well as the will to experiment also helps to a great extent. Besides, one also requires passion for the art, dedication to keep going strong even through the toughest times, and a good amount of patience. You might have to repeat a certain shot more than 10 times to get it right in the eyes of the director! Be prepared to never give up.

Acting schools
Actor Prepares is one of the well-known acting schools in India. Established by veteran actor Anupam Kher, this school has centres in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, and offers a three-month full-time diploma course and a one-month part-time certificate course. To apply, one should be above 16 years of age with a class 12 certificate and proficiency in written and spoken English and/or Hindi. The classes are conducted by competent faculty members as well as by guest lecturers that have included the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.
The Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute offers an 18-week advance acting course, which not only covers training for films, but also for radio and television. Interestingly, Hrithik Roshan studied at this institute. The institute has a limited number of seats, which in addition to acting classes, receives training in horse riding, swimming, camera techniques and lighting. It certainly is an institute that offers an all-round training for aspiring actors.
Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA) offers a three-month acting course the syllabus of which is based on Stanislavsky’s ‘Method Acting’ and covers exercises like observation, imagination, improvisations, voice and speech, diction, action problems, movement, monologues, scenes, film orientation, play back, acting analysis, stunts and dance. The last week of this course is dedicated to practical training that involves facing the camera.
Film and Television Institute (FTII), Pune is the institute that comes to mind when one thinks of anything to do with the Indian television and film world. To work on your acting skills, opt for a two-year postgraduate diploma in acting, for which a bachelor’s degree is required to be eligible. The faculty comprises lecturers who are well-versed in their respective fields. The campus also has a hostel for students.
Asian Academy of Film & TV (AAFT) in Delhi. The 3-month course for budding actors includes on-camera training to improve acting skills, guest lectures, interactions with people from the film and television industry, film screenings in the institute’s in-house theatre, as well as opportunities to act in short films and other projects. The one-year diploma in acting (film and television) is an intensive programme that covers aspects that range from dancing, music, voice and speech, improvisation and grooming right up to pantomime and film stunts.

Making it big
An acting career is very lucrative once you have established yourself in the television and film industry. The best part about this industry is that one commands a salary by virtue of one’s acting skills coupled with the ability to strike the right chord with the audience. Carving a niche for yourself in the industry is very important and so is capitalising on every opportunity and making the most of it.

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