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Sahil Shah is one of the youngest comedians who performs at a  professional level. He refers to himself as a child stuck in a man’s body. Sometimes the child disagrees with this. He is a regular at the Comedy Store and has also performed in multiple cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Hyderabad. He has performed at numerous college festivals as a professional stand-up comedian. He is one of the founding members of East India Comedy, which is one of the country’s busiest comedy companies. He also loves to show off. performs at a professional level. He refers to himself Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore,

Meet Sahil Shah, the young comedian who’s been spreading laughter across the counrty

Your first stand-up comedy act:

My first act was when I was born. The doctors laughed and the nurse quit her job. Then around 2 years ago I took part in the Bombay Elektrik Project Krack You Up nights. That was when it all began.

An unfailing joke: I look like Malinga’s long lost ugly brother.








Sahil Shah’s USP: Self deprecating humour and completely irellevant one liners.

Your dream performance would be at: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in front of around 20,000 people. That is when I will have hit it big time.

The person who stars in most of your jokes: I generally talk about myself and the things that happen to me.

Your worst beckler so far/the worst audience reaction you have ever received:
This chap got up and said, you’re sad. He missed the fact that the crowd was laughing at all my jokes and my rebuttal. I think he was just jealous.

Which 3 celebrities would you like to see laughing at your jokes?
Deepika Padukone – I would love it if she found me attractive because of my humour






Amir Khan – After all the tears on Satyameva Jayate he needs a few laughs.






Amitabh Bacchan – If I could just hear that loud booming laugh, my day would be made.







Your worst nightmare: Getting, into a relationship with Dolly Bindra.







Any advice to your fellow budding stand-up comedians:
Dont try to imitate anyone. Just be yourself. If you’re funny keep at it and you will become better. Never steal jokes. Steal money if absolutely necessary but never jokes.

Sahil Shah in the next 5 years:
I will be 26 and hopefully have a lot more shows under my wing. That is because at the age of 26 I will make sure I surgically implant wings on myself.

The worst joke you have ever heard: Every joke that I crack.

The best way to get rid of pre-show jitters:
Running around, jumping, screaming and constantly praying to God saying you will sacrifice a friend if everything goes all right.


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